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Geometry as Inspiration

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 01 November 2016 14:09

If you pay close attention to any interior, you can see that there’s geometry in everything. The windows are usually rectangular, as are tables, carpets, or they can be circular, based on someone’s preference. There’s a psychological effect in the use of geometric shapes in interior design, and how straight or how curved a line is can affect the overall outcome of your living space. You can introduce order, action and harmony by playing with different shapes and incorporating them into your home. You’ll see that there are subtle or very bold and forward ways to do this, but once you open your eyes to geometry, you’ll look for it everywhere.


Patterns in Interior

Geometry in your living room


First, let’s get acquainted with the basic use of lines. The odds are you’ll use a pattern that has a combination of lines or shapes, but it’s useful to know what effect they have on human eye when observed alone.

So, straight horizontal lines exude harmony and offer a sense of tranquility. They also visually expand rooms, making them wider or longer. For example, the low profile wooden media console with a few horizontal streaks can expand your wall visually.  A single horizontaly placed stripe of wallpaper on the wall will do that as well.


The vertical lines do the opposite, they seem to make a room seem higher, so they are suitable for entryways or formal living areas. Too much of it in one room and you’ll get the feeling of uneasiness, which is why it’s best to always balance it with a few circulars, to provide relief, softness and elegance. The easiest way to do that is with circular decor, say mirrors, or with a circulars lampshade.


Dining Area


Dining area is where the interior designers like to use geometry to make it stand out and to achieve  chic, sophisticated and modern ambience. Staying true to one shape - rectangular hardwood table, rectangular chair back and solid neutral colors are a base for formally sophisticated diningareas. Here, it’s all about the lighting, so a circular pendant chandelier will take the center stage. If your dining area is a separate room, you can cover your walls with pattern wallpapers, to introduce both color and pattern into it. Clashing colors and patterns can look very vibrant when done properly, but if you’re not ready to go that far, just add color or pattern to one to three things. You can do chair upholstery with plaid pattern, or just put a sheepskin throw over your chairs.


Bedroom Area


Your bed is probably the focal point of your sleeping area, so start there. A simple thing as bed sheets design can transform your bedroom. This is where you can experiment the most, because the sheets are not so invasive, and you can simply change them anytime. Rugs are also great way to try any unusual and vibrant patterns. The repetitive use of hexagons, color block and zigzags on rugs or carpets will significantly modernize your bedroom. Frame a few appealing graphic art pictures that use geometric shapes and arrange them around your room, or above your bed. Another  great modern touch is a honeycomb lamp shade design on your night stand or chevron-patterned accent pillows.

Kitchen and Bathroom



Think tiles! Geometric tiles come in a wide range of patterns and finishes, so if you’re considering to remodel your kitchen space, don’t underestimate the use of modern geometric tiles. You can add energy and excitement to both of these places if you choose a vibrant and vivacious colors, but you can always stick to good old black and white scheme that never fails. Again, honeycomb wall tiles are great addition to eclectic and modern kitchen, while floors can blend into the color palette of the overall kitchen. If you like your bathroom to have serenity and also the modern touch, best would be to use the combination smaller mosaic tiles for the wall in shades of white and grey.

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