Easy Upgrades to Help Your Bathroom Sell Your House

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Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house, especially if you’re trying to sell your home. Home buyers are often very particular when it comes to bathrooms, so it would be a good idea to present a property’s bathrooms at their best to close a deal.

Below are some home selling strategies that bring bathrooms to a whole new level. Choose to do one or do all. None would cost you much except a bit of time and effort.

Take Out All Cleaning Products

Bathroom Sell Home

Anything that reeks of housework and maintenance makes your bathroom feel like it needs a lot of work. Take out bath mats, toilet brushes, sponges, waste baskets and similar items. You want your bathrooms to exude a spa-like experience when buyers come around.

Make Sure Everything is Clean

Bathroom Sell Home2

The last thing you want is to make people feel icky after seeing your bathroom. When everything is clean, it also creates the impression that the home is quite new or well-maintained. Buyers love this!

Clear the Counters

Bathroom Sell Home3

No one wants to see which products you use when you have an open house. You want possible buyers to envision themselves living in your house, not have memories of how you lived in it.

Choose Neutral Colours and Accents

Bathroom Sell Home4

Because you’ve cleaned the whole bathroom, you will also not want to leave it empty and cold. When you choose things to decorate it with or perhaps repaint, keep with the clean and crisp theme by sticking to neutral colours and accents.

Go Easy on the Accessories

Bathroom Sell Home9

Choose a few items that invoke warmth, grace, and elegance to your bathroom. Again, your goal is to create a spa-like feel so candles, natural loofahs, bath oils, beautiful soaps, and bath oils would be great.

Use Towels to Your Advantage

Bathroom Sell Home5

Whether hanged or rolled, luxurious white towels will always work well. You can also add some towels in another colour for contrast but make sure that it complements other colours in your bathroom.

Showcase Storage

Bathroom Sell Home6

Extra storage space sells. Make a point of cleaning bathroom cupboards and drawers so possible buyers can see just how much storage space your bathrooms can to offer. You may also add a pretty storage box or bowl near a grouping of candles to add a touch of personality.

Add an Ottoman or a Stool

Bathroom Sell Home7

And bonus points if your ottoman or stool comes with extra storage too! A stool decorated with flowers and candles near a bathtub helps create a spa-like feel. An ottoman placed near a sink makes the bathroom look user-friendly and comfortable. It adds a touch of warmth too!

Add Your Favourite Blooms or a Small Plant

Bathroom Sell Home8

Plants and flowers make a room feel brighter and alive. If you’re worried about upkeep, very realistic fake ones won’t hurt either. Just keep things understated for an elegant feel.

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