5 Tips and Tricks to Upsell Your House

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 30 November 2016 08:59

On a shifty real estate market, little is certain as constantly changing homebuyer preferences dictate property prices, hot locations, and profitable upgrades. For this reason, realtors and real estate owners looking to capitalize on their offerings need to invest a bit extra effort, cash, and attention into property prep prior to putting the ad in local listings. But what exactly helps sell a piece of real estate fast and for a fortune?


1. Price It Right

If you want to upsell a house like a pro, you should trim its actual market value a bit: the simple trick will attract an increased number of homebuyers who will bid the property price back to its actual value, and possibly even nudge it up further. Still, be sure not to set the starting price too low, as this can considerably prolong the sale and result in early loss of interest among potential buyers. As a general rule, shaving 15-20% off the property market value will lead to speedy sale for a higher than actual price.


2. Light It Well

Many homeowners neglect the shape of indoor lighting when renovating to sell. Unfortunately, the oversight can cost you more than it’s worth: poor light conditions have turned away many a homebuyer and ruined the odds of sale even before negotiations began. If possible, dial up the existing lighting system with energy-friendly add-ons such as LED or CFL bulbs: the upgrade costs little, but it can trim long-term utility bills, visually add square footage, and increase the real estate value in the eyes of green-minded buyers.


3. Comfort-Fit

These days, buyers don’t want their home-to-be to provide only a roof over their family’s head: they want it to provide comfort and luxury aesthetics, too. To dial up the functionality and chic airs of your nest, you can buy custom bedware on an online mattress sale, enrich the living area with revamped vintage finds such as chandeliers, armchairs, and Victorian-esque armoires, and touch up the paint and fine frills around the house. Even a new area rug can increase the visual interest of your home, which is why investments in accessories that exude an aura of high style can pay off more than they’re actually worth in terms of sale speed and final contract figures.


4. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is another aspect of your property that can make or break potential buyers’ positive impressions. As a rule of thumb, homebuyers will have formed an opinion of a piece of property estate even before they’ve crossed the doorstep, which is why effort, time, and money invested in enhancing curb appeal can increase the likelihood of quick sale for a high price. In terms of lucrative curb appeal projects, updates that promise highest ROI include fresh door and window paint, exterior lighting upgrades, driveway repairs, and front yard landscaping.


5. Style It Up

Another trick that can help you sell your house for a small fortune without delay, home styling is currently on-trend among interior designers and realtors worldwide. Essentially a range of minor cosmetic tweaks, home staging aims to bring out the finest aspects in a piece of property and make it easier for the buyers to imagine themselves living there. To this end, home stylists often use various high-end props such as chandeliers, luxury accessories, and fine linen, and a recent estimate shows that staging done right can add up to 10% in value to the final property price and accelerate the sale.



Other things you can do to ensure quick and lucrative house sale include bathroom and kitchen updates, home extensions, garden updates, and floor layout changes. Of course, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on floor-to-ceiling property makeover if you’re just looking to trim the DOM time for your property and sell it for a slightly higher than actual market price: just a few minor updates can help you attract the right buyer who’ll gladly cash out a bit more for a place that looks – and feels – like home.

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