5 Best Tips to Help You Sell Your House This Holiday Season

Written by Posted On Thursday, 08 December 2016 21:15

While many think of the holidays as being a bad time to list a house for sale, that's not always the case. Sure, the idea of selling a house when it's winter might get you a bit down, but doing it at this time of year is not without its upsides. For instance, those buying during the holidays are typically more serious about buying, and the competition is much more in your favor as a seller since less homes are listed and marketed. Before you get started, though, be sure that you actually want to sell right now. If you've made the decision to sell, these tips below can serve you well.

Enjoy Your Decorations, but Don't Go Crazy
Many of us enjoy our holiday decorations, but if you're selling you might want to take it a bit easy. Those decorations taht are a bit too over the top  in size, or just the sheer numbers, might get in the way of a potential buyer.

Make Sure to Get a Professional, High Quality Realtor
What I mean by this is someone who isn't going to vanish on you during the holidays. Get someone who is serious about working to get your home sold. If you're in the Scottsdale, AZ area the Matheson Team fits the bill. If elsewhere, ask around to see if any loved ones have a suggestion for you. This gives you more time to still enjoy the holidays and leaves you a lot more relaxed.

Find Buyers That are Motivated
Those shopping for a new home during the holidays typically aren't doing so on a whim. Get together with your real estate agent to nab buyers that are working on a deadline such as those relocating and investors who might be on a tax deadline.

Work the Curb Appeal
Keep up with your maintenance on the outside of your house. Take care of the trees, rake the leaves, clean out the gutters, and touch up the paint. Keep walkways as safe as possible by making sure there is no ice or snow for people to slip on.

Make it Toasty
Make your home feel warm and snuggly by getting the heat going if you're in a colder area. Play some softer music, and have tasty holiday snacks around. By enticing buyers to spend a little more time enjoying the home's warmth and comfort you allow them to have more chances to look around and see the best the place has to offer.

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