10 hot home improvement trends for 2017

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The New Year is all about new experiences and advancements. The home improvement and interior design industry will also surprise us with various innovations in the sphere, as well as the trends you might want to implement in your home if you’re planning a remodel in the upcoming year.

 From different textures, designs and materials to contemporary styles and technological solutions, let’s see what will be on point in 2017 in terms of home improvement projects.

Most popular home improvement/renovation trends for 2017

1. Pendant lights

In addition to their common use in the kitchen, pendant lights will gain more popularity in bathrooms, mudrooms, entryways, etc. They look particularly great and functional above the vanities, huge mirrors, bathtubs, kitchen isles, coffee tables in the living room, office areas and lounging spots. They improve the lighting game, spice up the interior and enhance the certain points of the room. The variety of colors, shapes, forms and textures allows homeowners to find a perfect for their homes.  

pendant lights 2017 home improvement trend 

2. Kitchen remodels

Remodeling contractors note a rising demand on kitchen renovations and improvements, and, taking into consideration the customer’s choices in 2016, predict functional kitchen islands, wet bars, mid-range appliances with energy efficient stars and matte/stainless steel finishes, glass tile backsplashes with thin grout lines, monochrome tones and laconic hardware being among the most popular trends in 2017.

kitchen remodel 2017

3. Cut and loop carpets

Thick shag and pile carpets (which are super high maintenance) will be left in 2016, leaving the space on the flooring trends for cut and loop carpets, which are a lot easier to clean and provide a traditional, classy touch to the place with their texture and pattern. They complement most contemporary and traditional interiors beautifully, even though some homeowners, who’re ready to call flooring contractors and schedule a carpet upgrade, will argue that point noting that even completely new cut and loop carpets look a little bit shabby and worn out to them.

cut and loop carpet 2017 trend

4. Natural textures and pastel shades

 The era of clean colors, faux textures and materials in home improvement is nearly over, as more and more remodeling contractors observe their clients going back to the hardwood flooring instead of laminate or vinyl, authentic-looking wooden furniture, stone-shade ceramic tiles for showers, calm and pastel colors for kitchen cabinets and wall paint. The trend of brightening up the space and making it visually bigger with the help of lighter furniture, decorations and wall colors that started a while ago will boom in 2017.

pastel interior

5. Smart homes

 Elaborate security systems remotely controlled via smartphones from any distance from the house, advanced temperature regulating technologies aimed at creating comfortable environment inside the house and save money, smart locks, safety features on kitchen appliances, smart TVs and other home automation advancements will continue to be popular in 2017, as well as will be improved by their producers. (By the way, 'smart home' lable allows to sell the house at a better price and faster).

smart home

6. Bathroom remodels in general

 It seems like everyone is willing to conduct a bathroom remodel to replace their old plumbing, tile, bathtubs and décor with the contemporary energy efficient equipment, pebbled and textured tile, spacious showers, deep soak bathtubs with jacuzzi features, light-up mirrors and his and hers vanities.

contemporary bathroom 2017 home improvement trend

7. Gravel landscaping

With the recent droughts and the desperate water conservation requirements, more and more homeowners and landscaping contractors become opened to the idea of replacing their high maintenance grass lawns with gravel areas, pathways, driveways, playground spots and patios. So, regarding the low maintenance home trend, as well as water conservation awareness, gravel is expected to be one of the landscaping trends in 2017.

gravel landscaping trends for 2017

8. Stacked stone

Due to the rise of natural materials and textures, stacked stone trend will return to our homes in 2017 adorning the fireplace surroundings, accent walls, kitchen/bathroom backsplash, as well as house exterior and landscaping fixtures.

stacked stone fireplace surround

9. Stain resistant fabrics

The spills and stains won’t bother contemporary furniture owners in 2017, as producers are trying their best to develop the stain resistant upholstery fabrics and make the furniture maintenance a lot easier.

stain resistant fabric

10. Opened kitchen shelves

In spite of being the most practical thing for the kitchen, opened floating shelves (natural wooden or white finish) will win their popularity due to the common desire to open the space, make it appear lighter and less crowded. Used to display decorations, pottery, dishes, coffee mugs, store kitchen appliances, long shelves appear above the cabinets, at the backsplash, and on the window walls of the modern kitchens.

floating kitchen shelves


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