Patio decoration for 2017

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 January 2017 02:24

With the new year come the new trends and they affect every aspect of our lives. That is why you can do a bit of redecorating on your patio, just to follow the latest trends. This year is all about the nature and that is exactly where you should draw inspiration from for your patio design.

Fire Pit

If you already don’t have a small fire pit on your patio, this is your chance to get it. Place it in the middle of the patio and arrange cozy chairs around it. Fire pit will provide the elegance in the design, while you, your family and friends can enjoy chilly evenings talking and drinking around the warm fire. Not to mention all the s’mores you can roast there and have a camping experience right at home.

Incorporate Stripes

Patios are sometimes small, and usually there is little you can do about it. However, you can use some visual tricks to add width and depth to your patio. The best “tool” for this are stripes. Paint the walls or the floors of the patio in black and white stripes and the whole area will look much bigger. Also, you can use wallpapers to do the same and create an accent wall. Additionally, you can play with stripes using the cushions and throw pillows for the furniture. These, too will create an illusion and they will make sure that your patio looks and feels comfy. Another possibility is installing wooden floors in two shades to create stripes or opting for bigger door mats that will provide the necessary visual effect and offer a warm welcome into your home.

Antique Swing

If you desire to add an antique touch to your patio and provide more place for sitting, then a swing is a solution. Any type of swing on the patio will make it look cute, rustic and comfortable. Throw a blanket or two on it and some soft cushions and you will always have a place to relax. Furthermore, your patio will transform into an elegant sitting room where you can sip wine with your friends. Opt for natural wood for strength and make sure it is tightly screwed into the ceiling and there will be no worries. You can even wrap a few plants around the chains and create a heavenly place for relaxation.

Plant Décor

Having the cozy furniture is not the only thing that is trendy this year. You should provide plenty of colorful plants on your patio in order to complete its design. Opt for some evergreen plants and the ones that are there all year round. For example, have a pot or two with Yucca or bergenia to add green leaves to the design. Also, Green Mountain Boxwood shrub can be placed at the beginning of the patio to provide a nice green welcome. Additionally, plant Clematis and Confederate jasmine and let them climb your brick wall, creating a colorful arch above your window. Better yet, provide a metal arch for them and they will create a romantic atmosphere no matter where they are on your patio.


Don’t forget that this year is all about greenery. Dress your patio into pretty flowers and plants and add a few personal touches and creative elements. Follow the new trends and your patio will never look or feel better. 

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