Neighborhood Walking Tours - Why Are They Key To Selling Your House?

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 January 2017 08:40

If you want to sell your home, you might want to think about initiating a neighborhood walking tour. Why? Because they could make your home instantly more sellable, and attract new buyers too. All you have to do is organise a tour once a week or find a local walking tour agency interested in starting one of their own, and your property will begin to look much more attractive. Here’s how it works.


Flaunt Your Neighborhood

The first thing to note is that every neighborhood has something worth showing off. It could be an art tour of the skilled graffiti artists who paint portraits on the side of buildings. It could be a tour of the homes which have been owned by celebrities, or where something notable took place. It could be an introduction to the classic and local cuisine that your area can boast of. Whatever the walking tour celebrates, it’s something that people will be interested in. It could even just be a walking tour of all of the interesting places to walk. But when you create a walking tour, you show that there is something to be proud of in your area, and that gets people thinking. Just make sure that you choose a positive aspect to focus on: having a haunted tour of houses where people were murdered, for example, isn’t great for encouraging buyers.


Create Positive Associations

Anyone who takes the walking tour will instantly have a positive connotation for your neighborhood. If someone were to mention a certain road in your area, they would instantly remember what great things they saw there and why. Having positive associations with your neighborhood is fantastic for house sales, and not only that, but it affects a wider group than just those who come on your tour. Anyone who talks to them about it will gain those positive associations too, and they can spread further and further until they make their way into travel guides and blogs and magazines. Then you have a real buzz about your neighborhood which will make potential home owners very interested indeed. When there is more interest in a neighborhood, house prices increase. If yours is seen as up and coming, people will want to invest in a home there – such as yours – with a view to selling on once the prices hit a good high.


Increase Awareness

If your house is for sale while the tours are going on, make sure to have a large sign out front which lets everyone know who your agents are and how to contact them. People who are walking around the streets may not realise that there is an opportunity to live in the neighborhood until they see your sign. This might draw their attention, causing them to consider living in an area where there are so many great attractions, as they have already seen. They won’t have any concerns about the neighborhood making them hesitate, as they have already toured all the way around it! Even local people may take the tour, and seeing your house for sale might cause them to consider moving a short distance from their current home. You never know how you might attract when you run a walking tour.


All of these great benefits of walking tours will add up to ensure that your house is hot property. It won’t be long before you have buyers lining up to come and live in your area – and your house will be the first property in the line to be bought.

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