8 Easy Home Office Organizing Hacks to Keep Clutter at Bay

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Clutter always finds its way to a home office. When deadlines loom, tasks pile up, and you’re just plain busy, tidiness is not always a priority. With this said, a work space that looks like a disaster can hamper your productivity and creativity. There’s no doubt that it would be better for you to tackle home office organization sooner than later.

Here are some home office organizing hacks that will surely take care of clutter!

Take Advantage of Drawer Organizers

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Desk drawers that are in perpetual state of disarray are a nightmare! Small loose items that are not contained can take a lot of your time to find and use when needed. Make use of drawer organizers that you can easily find at crafting and cosmetic stores to whip your drawers into shape.

Try Going Cord Free

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A lot of office electronics are now available as wireless versions. Not only are they easy to move around because you won’t have to think of hiding cords, they can also be disguised as decorative elements too.

Have a Paper Processing Zone

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In the age of electronic communication, it is surprising how many companies still rely on papers. Mails of all sorts can easily bring chaos to an organized space. Tackle this by having separate bins or small baskets for letters that need to be addressed soon, those that can be archived, and those that can be thrown away or recycled as junk.

Invest in a Multi-Tasking Message Board

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A message board is a must-have for any home office. It gives you space where you can write and pin things that need your attention. Opt for a magnetic chalkboard, whiteboard, or corkboard to give you the most functionality.

Try Color Coding

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It can be a hassle to sort through mountains of files just to find one document that you need. Avoid this by color coding your filing system! Visual cues are much easier to read and makes finding something a breeze.

Make Use of Vertical Space

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No matter how big or small your home office use, making use of vertical space through floating shelves, stacking filing cabinets, and using pin boards can make your home office look tidier and more organized.

Manage Your Cords and Cables

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It may not be possible to completely go cord-free, so do the next best thing and corral chaotic wirings and cables! Either have an integrated cable system or run the electronics’ cords under the desk and along the base of walls. Get some cable organizers and Velcro strips to tie cords together. Make sure you label each cord separately!

Keep Things Nice and Neat

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When you’ve gone through the home office organizing hacks mentioned above, it just makes sense to keep things nice and neat. Schedule regular maintenance once a week or twice a month to keep your office looking pristine and a joy to work in!

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