9 Hacks for Selling Your Home

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Getting top dollar when selling your home seems to be something that only those with ninja level skills and lots of luck can pull off. Ninja or not, here are 10 home selling trade secrets that will help you do that!

Tidy Closets

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Buyers snoop all the time, so give them eye candy to look at. Empty half of your closet to make it look roomier (hello storage!) and neatly arrange what’s left to make them more attractive.

Let There Be Light!

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Good lighting is something that every buyer wants. Cater to them by cleaning windows, taking down drapes, installing brighter lights, changing lampshades, and letting in sunshine. Bright and cheery homes are more sellable.

Get the Best Agent

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Hiring the wrong broker can kill a sale. On the other hand, a tech-savvy and well-informed broker has all the tools to get your home out in the market and drum up interest, even in the worst markets.

Hide the Pets

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You might be head over heels in-love with your fur baby but not everyone may share your sentiments. Take the time to relocate food bowls and litter boxes out of sight when you have a scheduled viewing. If you’re planning to have an open house, placing your pets at a pet hotel for the day would be a fantastic idea.

No to Expensive Upgrades

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There’s no sense to do a complete home makeover before selling because you won’t get that money back. A fresh coat of paint, repairs, and replacing some hardware will do the trick.

Declutter and Depersonalize

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Potential buyers want to see themselves living in your house, they aren’t interested in your family photos, your personal collections, and other memorabilias. To help with this, you may hire a home-stager to present your home in the best possible light. Meanwhile, you may place your personal things in storage.

Invest in Your Kitchen

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Kitchens are often the deal breaker and deal maker when selling a home. A beautiful kitchen can sell a home. A few coats of paint, new cabinet hardware, or a new countertop can mean the difference between a hassle-free sale versus months of being on the market and making no sale at all.

Always Be Show-Ready

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Once your home has been listed, a buyer can show up anytime. Sure, there would be a schedule for a showing but it is better to keep your home in tip-top shape when you’re ready to sell. This means no clutter and dirty dishes hanging around.

Make a Solid First Impression

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Buyers judge you and your home the moment they show up at your driveway. A welcoming exterior can easily be yours with just some brightly coloured flowers and perhaps some shrubs. Curb appeal is real and people are inherently attracted to nice looking things. Make sure your foyer has an area for hanging coats, keys, and bags. A small bench, some cut flowers, and maybe some cookies will help with making prospective buyers feel right at home.

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