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Increase the Value of Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 25 January 2017 04:42

Are you thinking about selling your home and moving? You probably have dozens of ideas and plans to increase the market value of your home. The down side of these is that they usually cost a lot and, aside from a lot of money, require a lot of time and effort as well. Luckily for you, there are plenty of smart fixes and easy upgrades which will not break the bank, but which will significantly increase the value of your home. You are only a few steps away from being able to get a great deal for your home.

Give appliances a makeover

Your kitchen appliances don’t have to be the latest generation but you should make sure they work before you decide to sell them. When things work, we tend to take them for granted and when something inconvenient happens and they stop working it usually happens at the worst possible moment. Regularly check your appliances and clean up your kitchen sink and disposal with some vinegar and baking soda. This mixture will also unblock your drains and make surfaces glow. The simplest things like having matching appliances play a significant role in the market value of your house. If your appliances don’t match, you can order new doors or face panels for them. When you are remodeling your home for sale, a cohesive-looking kitchen does in fact make a big difference in the eyes of the people who are thinking about buying the place.

A touch of luxury

Adding pieces of great value to your home is a smart move if you want to point out just how well you have been taking care of your home. Simple but elegant pieces such as glass coffee tables and tufted sofas look great in a living room. Investing in design collections can pay off in the long run because potential buyers will not only buy a house, they will buy expensive and valuable pieces with it, and this can significantly change the price to your advantage. Quality new rugs don’t necessarily have to be Persian and curtains don’t have to be brocade or silk, but their colours should brighten up the space. Bright colours will make the room look more cheerful and spacious, and they will fit in nicely with statement pillows and colorful lamp shades.

Revamp your bathroom

Is there anything more repulsing than a dirty-looking old toilet? It doesn’t have to be really old, in fact, but a cracked toilet that looks like it has been bought fifty years ago is a major turn-off, especially if it also doesn’t flush properly. Getting a new toilet doesn’t have to be a costly investment, but it will pay off significantly. You can also make your bathroom look modern by installing a nice new vanity that recesses into the wall. Not only will it look great but it will save the space at the same time, and spacious bathroom is something all people want. If you can, add a window to your bathroom because natural light is a great value booster. If, however, you don’t want to do that, invest in new lamps and decorative wall scones. Great bathroom lighting is luxurious and adds value to entire place. Another simple fix that saves money but gives great results is reglazing an old tub. You will upgrade the look of the bathroom without having to buy a new one and you will save a lot of money.

It’s not always the case that you can increase the value of your home after such simple improvements. If your house is old and needs significant repairs or remodeling, think about a lower price, because those who make the purchase will certainly have to invest a lot in order to modernize and improve the house. 

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