8 Kitchen Storage Solutions with an Edge

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Kitchens won’t be kitchens without storage these days. Aside from storing cooking implements, kitchens now have to have dedicated spaces for décor, collections, and food; but why settle from plain cupboards when your kitchen storage solutions can be better?

The kitchen storage solutions below are far from the predictable cabinets of yesteryears. Use one or use all for your kitchen. You’ll sure relish the extra storage they’ll bring!

Full-Size Closet Pantries

Kitchen Storage

Pantries have long been a part of kitchens, but they are usually small, cramped, or just a few cabinets worth of space where people store food staples. Elevate your pantry to the next level by converting a closet-size space into a dedicated pantry fitted with drawers, baskets, racks, and even lighting!

Extra Long Shelves

Kitchen Storage2

Long shelving breaks up bare walls and provides space for storage. You can use them for housing decorative items, small kitchen appliances, a cookbook or two, and your favourite kitchen essentials.

High and Dry

Kitchen Storage3

A seemingly long-forgotten kitchen storage solution is making use of vertical space by hanging pots and pans high. This also works for kitchen towels as well as long-handled ladles.


Island Cookbook Library

Kitchen Storage4

Why simply stack your beloved cookbooks on a counter or gathering dust somewhere when you can showcase them in a kitchen island cookbook library? Neat shelves at the end of a kitchen island make for a pretty space to add colour and display books. This way, they’ll be both accessible and out of the way at the same time.

Mix It Up

Kitchen Storage5

Instead of just using a buffet area for a breakfast station, why not fit it with cabinets and storage to double as a pantry? You’ll love how easy reach everything will be!

Out of Sight

Kitchen Storage6

Trays and chopping boards often eat up so much space. They take away valuable counter real estate when not properly stored. When designing your kitchen, making sure that you have a dedicated cabinet for large chopping boards and trays might seem like a trivial matter but it’s really something that you’ll be thankful for in the long run.

Go Industrial

Kitchen Storage7

Industrial details in the kitchen can work great for storage. Pipes can be repurposed to hang things from, boards can be converted to shelves, and old flooring can be converted to cupboards. If you want a truly unconventional kitchen look, then this is the kitchen storage solution for you!

Accept Innovative Styles

Kitchen Storage8

Glass-fronted cupboards have been around for decades, why not give it an upgrade by adding some unexpected details in the interiors? Use tiles, wallpaper, or even wood. As long as it’s easy to clean and doesn’t take away storage space, any idea is surely welcome!

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