How to Build a Small Wine Room?

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Wine collection is a great passion. It is more than a hobby for the wine lovers. They cherish the stored bottles of fine wine. In the bygone days, when the acreage of properties was huge building a large wine cellar did not hurt the homeowners, for they still had plenty of vacant spaces in the property. But that is not an instance anymore. The sizes of properties are shrinking and people nowadays cannot afford to dedicate a large area for their hobby (however dear it may be). Does that mean that only the wine lovers with a large property can create a collection of their own? Not at all, where there is a problem there is also a solution. Rather than opting for the large wine cellars you can always construct a small wine room or cellar. You can continue pursuing your hobby all the same.


If you think that the small wine rooms are nothing in contrast to the large wine cellars, then you are wrong. The small rooms can be just as gracious as the large one. And the best thing is most of them would hold a fair amount of bottles to satiate your taste. If dedicating a large underground basement area is a problem, why not dedicate a small portion. You can use the rest to store other valuable items. But while you do the same, make sure that the doors and walls are differently built for the small wine room. The rest of your basement area might not need any air conditioning, but the wine room will definitely need it. A constant temperature of 55-580F is essential to store wine. The doors for this small room should be made from an air tight and insulating material.


If you do not have any underground space at all, then there are other areas in the house that can be used as your wine room. Modern homeowners are also fond of converting their garage spaces into wine rooms. Even the closets can be converted into small wine rooms. There are various opportunities; you have to decide which one to opt for.


There are broadly two major types of wine rooms: walk-in and reach in.  The walk-in wine rooms are usually designed in a part of the house where there is ample room to walk around. The homeowners can walk through the area and select their bottle of wine. Usually the pantry areas or large closets are ideal locations for walk-in wine rooms. The basics of constructing the walk-in wine rooms are quite similar to large wine cellars. The room should have good insulation and there should be a vapor barrier. If you do not remove the vapors not only does your wine collection suffer, but mold grows on the adjacent walls too. The best solution is installing a wine cellar cooling unit.


The second variety of small wine rooms is reach in type. These are ideal wine storage areas for shallower and smaller properties. There is not enough space to enter the room; all you can do is get limited access to the bottles. Usually the wine cabinets (with inbuilt air conditioners) are used. The cabinets have sufficient air conditioning, insulation and storage racks. The reach in wine rooms can be installed in dining rooms, kitchens, or any other room.


Usually bars have enough space to store wine and drinks and bar managers design the storage area for maximum reach to limit the drink delivery time. But you can see, limited space should not discourage you from following your passion of wine collection.

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