How to Utilize a Professional Cleaning Service to Sell a Listing

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 08 February 2017 17:07

When it comes down to it you are going to more than likely need some professional cleaning service no matter what in order to sell your home. The facts of the matter are that buyers don't want to walk around your home in an open house showing and see it as if it is being lived in or dirty. This is always a turn off to buyers, for the most part, and that is why it is so imperative to have homes looking as clean as possible for all of your open houses and showings.

Now this is of course something that the seller, and many times the agent, should do on their own, but that sucks and it isn't something that is part of the real estate curriculum. That's why we are telling everyone to take the time and money to invest in a professional cleaning service for all of your listings to come and deeply scrub and clean out the house for sale so that it looks, smells and overall feels like a house that is worth buying. 

It truly is amazing how much of a difference hiring a professional cleaning service can be, and so we are going to not only just say go hire someone, but this article is about utilizing that cleaning service to the best of your own ability to get the house sold. 

Bathrooms are super important, and they need to be spotless for a showing. That means really getting the cleaning service to scrub out every spot and making the mirror shine brightly. Also the smell of the home is super important and so it is something that we definitely recommend putting a lot of emphasis towards. This is of course something that will be very noticeable by the potential buyers.

Controlling clutter is something that you are going to want to inform your house cleaner to do in these situations, and this typically isn't part of their jobs but in these types of situations you need to let them know how unacceptable any type of clutter is, even in the storage areas of the home. Clutter is just something that turns someone off and makes a potential buyer feel like they are intruding on someone else's house instead of seeing their future home unfold before their eyes. This is the hypnotizing effect every realtor is looking to capture, so when clutter ruins it that is just a bummer.

Also, lighting, people. Know it, learn to love it, or hate it, but utilize it. Make sure that your house cleaning company is cleaning off all of the windows and letting in as much natural light as possible through getting rid of anything blocking light from inside or outside. 

Treat the house like a stage, and you are looking to sell that stage. This is something that you can help communicate to your cleaning company because they too can get in on some of the action of the show and really make the house look as impressive as possible, and this really is what selling a house is all about. Make it seem over the top clean, far beyond anyone's expectations, and that is the beginning of something that leads to a sell. After your listing exceeds expectations by cleanliness and appearance it's a cake walk to the closing. Just follow some of these tips and you'll be selling more homes in no time!


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