4 Great Places To Retire Overseas

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When it comes time to consider where to spend your retirement, or get a second home, the options can get pretty diverse. These four locations offer comfortable living conditions, with diversity of culture, and generally good weather.


Lisbon, Portugal

  • Cost Of Living - The cost of living is inexpensive, with rent hanging out around $1100/month. For this reason, many choose to retire here, with $300,000 being enough to enjoy your golden years comfortably.

  • Portugal Golden Visa Program - The Portugal Golden Visa Program was designed to attract wealthy and middle-class. Essentially, anyone who provides significant economical support can become a legal resident through this program. This has significantly increased the Portugal real estate market!

  • Great Climate - The climate of Lisbon is consistent and pleasant throughout the year, with weather similar to San Diego.

  • Culture & Beauty - The culture and beauty of Lisbon rivals much of  Europe. The city has many great attractions, with eye candy dotting the cityscape, and throughout many common, public areas.
    Multi-lingual City - The amazing Portugal area offers many different cultures in one. You can find a dutch website selling real estate or a french website selling real estate in Portugal! Most people who move here are from China too! Amazing real estate properties in Portugal!


Pau, France

  • Romantic - The landscape, people, environment, and culture of Pau makes it an ideal place to get away. A honeymoon destination, the atmosphere of the city provides a great place to settle in and just enjoy the company of your significant other.

  • Buzzing College Atmosphere - Generally speaking, college towns provide great environments. Pau proves to support this idea, providing great dives that cater to friendly retirees, locals, and students.

  • Cost of Living - Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of Pau is the low cost of living, with high-end rent of about $700 per month.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Great Weather - Chiang Mai is wet for most months out of the year, and the temperature is warmer. So if you’re not a fan of the cold, this is a great place to consider.

  • Low Cost of Living - The cost of living is very low, with high end rent coming in at about $650 per month. This is a bargain, especially if you are trying to live on a tighter budget.

  • Vibrant Culture - Because of how mountainous the region of Thailand is, travel between different villages and towns was challenging. The result is that each valley developed their own sub-culture. This creates great diversity, with each new place providing their own special traditions and experiences.


Barcelona, Spain


  • Mediterranean Climate - The climate of Barcelona is one of the most desirable in the world, with weather patterns that need a light jacket in the winter, and nothing more than a light shirt in the summer.  A blanket to keep you warm in the cooler months, or a fan in the summer months is all you’ll need to be comfortable throughout the year.

  • History - In the last few decades this city played the role of host to the Olympics. During that time the world was introduced to the history of this ancient city that dates back to the Phoenicians and Carthaginians.

  • Art & Culture - The natural benefit of any ancient city is a deep tradition built upon art and culture, and this city certainly lives up to this standard. With galleries and attractions spread throughout the city, a retiree will have no shortage of daily outing opportunities.

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