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Scripts are Key To Your Success

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 06 July 2005 17:00

Of the choices listed below, which skill do you think is the most important to be a successful real estate agent?

  1. Learn to write a contract

  2. Learn how to do a CMA

  3. Learn to use the right words at the right time

  4. Learn how to write good ad copy

  5. Learn how to market on the internet.

A hint: the correct answers are not 1, 2, 4 or 5.

As important as they are, they are not your most important skills, because if you don't learn how to use the right words at the right time you will never need to use the four other skills.

If you do not know what to say, you will always be tentative about prospecting, making listing presentations, and helping resolve purchaser concerns when they arise.

Words matter.

As a commissioned real estate sales agent there are important people in your life depending on you to use the right ones, the right way.

"But I am not comfortable using scripts," you might say.

Who said anything about being comfortable?

Very few people are comfortable learning new skills, because we become consciously aware of our incompetence in the issue and remain so until we repeat the skills enough times to become competent.

The fact is, you use scripts every time you speak. You can choose to use the right words the right way, or risk being ineffective. Scripts prompt you to become comfortable with effective words.

Test yourself with these three scenarios.

  1. Let's say you get a client referral who is moving to the area in a couple of years, but they would like to spend the day looking at homes to get some ideas of prices. What do you say?

  2. You get the listing signed, and the seller says something like, "Now that you have the listing signed, will I ever see you again?" What do you say?

  3. You have a ready, willing and able couple who likes one of the homes you showed them. He wants to make an offer today. She wants to wait. What do you say?

There are many scripts an agent should learn to become a more effective, confident professional real estate sales consultant, and developing the verbal skills to use these scripts should be a critical part of your sales training.

Here are the suggested scripts to use with the three scenarios above:

  1. Referred future prospect -- You need to decide what you will do in these situations, so you can handle it appropriately. Here is what the number one agent in a large Vero Beach office does:

    "That's great. Let me tell you how I work. Because you are a friend of the Smith's, I will give you two hours of my time today. After that I will continue to stay in touch via email. Will this work for you?"

  2. "Mrs. Smith, as I said in my presentation, __ % of the homes sold in your price range in this market are sold by co-brokers. I may not be the one who sells your home, but I will be the reason it sells."

  3. Asking "Why do you want to wait?" is too confrontational and could come off as you being more concerned about your commission than meeting their needs. Say this instead:

    "Mary, may I ask you a question? What do you see as the disadvantage to you if you make the offer today?" This question is in terms of her interest, not yours, and many times you will get a response you had not heard. Once you find the real concern, you can resolve it.

You have a choice. You can continue to use the words with which you are comfortable or you can use words that you know work for you.

The more you practice them, the more natural they will become.

Plan of Action:

  • Stay focused on your need to learn scripts.

  • If you ask other agents what scripts they use, make sure they are agents who are making a good living selling real estate.

  • Get in the routine of practicing one script a day at least seven times.

    You will be amazed at how much your confidence will grow, your passion for selling will intensify, and your sales will increase.

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