Going Green and Making Green: A Property Management Solution

Written by Lewis Fein Posted On Wednesday, 22 November 2017 09:08

Technology may be essential to the real estate industry, but customization is the key to excellence. It is the means by which building owners and property managers, as well as tenants, can use technology -- the way they can use customized technology -- to increase efficiency, improve service and enjoy better peace of mind.

To achieve these goals, there must be an emphasis on mobility, automation and communication. This solution must be, first and foremost, accessible to all devices; it must be available to iOS and Android devices, so users can maximize the smartphone or tablet of their choice.

Automation must also be, well, automatic. In other words, there is no need for filling out paper forms -- technology renders that process obsolete -- so building owners and/or property managers can get real-time alerts from tenants about issues ranging from issues of ordinary repair and maintenance to emergencies that require immediate action. Gone, therefore, is the submission of documents -- gone, too, is the need to call someone in vain -- when everything is a touch, tap or click from completion.

These strengths enhance communication between tenants and managers, so there is no ambiguity about one person's expectations and another's assumptions.

Such are the benefits of a tool like GreenApps, which is as invaluable to building owners as it is indispensable to real estate professionals in general. Indeed, the latter can help the former -- the two can help each other -- by leveraging the latest technology for the greatest good.

That ambition begins with customization, because a generic application cannot solve the specific needs of a specific number of tenants in a specific building. In contrast, the chance to customize an application for a property or a series of properties -- the chance to brand it by making it your own, by featuring your logo and showcasing certain features -- is the chance to make technology more relevant to every real estate professional.

This quartet of advantages, from mobility to automation to communication to customization, is a model for modernizing property management. It is also proof that the real estate industry keeps pace with -- and in some cases, stays ahead of -- developments within the business world as a whole. That fact can increase occupancy rates for a particular property, while retaining tenants and strengthening loyalty among these residents.

A solution for commercial and residential managers alike, this application shows how something so simple can be so disruptive -- in a good way -- for so many people.

This approach can be a source for further innovation, delivering services that the current system can neither match nor make affordable.

This approach is, in the end, the only approach that matters. It is the sole approach to eliminating a costly and cumbersome system, a system so old that it relies on snail mail and phone calls as its sole means of service.

Let technology lead the real estate industry to greater heights and a more consistent record of success.

Let that journey begin now.

Lewis Fein is a writer and commentator about the real estate industry. Based in Los Angeles, you may contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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