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The Top Tech to Make Property Management Simpler and More Efficient

Written by Realty Times Staff Posted On Thursday, 12 July 2018 11:12
The Top Tech to Make Property Management Simpler and More Efficient

As a real estate professional, you likely wear many hats — and this is especially true if you run your own operation. In many cases, you’re the face of the business, aka the marketing guru, the customer service agent, the chaffeur to different properties — the list goes on and on.

Luckily, the digital age has simplified many aspects of running and even growing a business. If you’re looking to scale up, or boost efficiency, this is the tech that can make it happen.

Automate Your Newsletters and Emails

Email can be one of the most powerful marketing tools; that is, if applied and used correctly. If a customer or client has shared their email address with you, it very well likely means they're interested in your company and serious about learning more about your products and/or services. With that in mind, make it a point to capitalize on their piqued interest.

Case in point: Greet them with a customized autoresponder welcome message or establish an automated email sequence that keeps new subscribers interested with a series of emails. Additionally, you can choose an email platform that gives you access to data regarding:

  • Inbox deliverability
  • Open rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Specific links clicked
  • Unsubscribe requests

This way, you can see what's working — and what's not — and make adjustments accordingly with regard to your automated email campaign; after all, paying close attention to your email analytics is vital to maximizing your email marketing tactics.

However, all of this is bunk if you choose an automated software based on pricing or attractive templates. Thus, do a little research and find an automated email marketing plan that works best for your real estate business, so you can worry less about email and focus more on finding and selling homes for your clients.

Look to the Cloud for Your Call Center Needs

As a real estate professional, you should already understand the importance of customer service. Some even argue there’s no other profession in which customer service is so vital; after all, your clients are your bottom line. And when they're not satisfied, nobody’s happy.

Experts say today’s generation of home buyers and sellers expect more speedy and efficient service than the generations that preceded them and that just one hour of a particular day represents a year in Internet time. In other words, responding quickly to clients and prospects' needs is crucial to making them happy and satisfied with your work.

However, you can take it a step further — and ensure each and every client is taken care of — by implementing a cloud-based call system for your business. Automated customer service applications are designed to assist professionals and business owners scale up.

Moreover, cloud-based call centers help simplify everyday business operations via automated customer service interactions, which, in turn, can potentially free up your time to scale up in other areas of your business. Plus, with problem-solving capabilities in mind, call center in the cloud software can assist in resolving more challenging issues with a live agent, if needed.

Scale With Property Management Software

Growing and showing no signs of slowing down? Then you may be in the market for new property management software. Whether you’re already using this type of software or looking for something that's primed for scale, there's a handful of platforms from which to choose.

Some of the best property management software platforms make it quick and easy to find information, improve customer service, build relationships and increase retention rates, and increase efficiency.

In a recent case study, McGrath Real Estate Services adopted a property management software called AppFolio and saw immediate results. In fact, the Virginia-based company was able to place three agents who worked on a manual vacancy posting to other tasks and instead rely on just one employee.

Wherever your business has room to grow, there’s an application or tech platform that can help foster growth, from cloud-based call centers and property management software to automated email marketing.

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