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A Picture of Productivity: Real Estate Agents as Models for a Model Home

Written by Lewis Fein Posted On Sunday, 26 June 2022 00:00

What separates a house from a home is a distinction with a difference—a big one, considering how real estate agents make the latter possible, the possible probable, and the probable practical. Consider, then, how they can better explain what they do by showing us who they are: by using a photography studio to stage a photoshoot in the same way they would stage a house; in the same way they have staged thousands of houses, with style and attention to detail, so a client may see what an agent wants that person to know—professionalism of the highest order.

To capture that image on film, or to film that image as a video for prospective clients to watch, is an investment every real estate agent should more than consider; it is an investment they must make, if they want to further personalize their services and establish a bond with viewers. Put another way, a studio is more than a space for agents to list or an area for tenants to rent. It is a place for agents to communicate—visually and verbally—on behalf of the work they do and the properties they represent.

According to Sergey Kostikov, Founder and President of FD Photo Studio, a photography studio is a universal place. That is to say, it is a place open to transformation and interpretation. It can be a fashion showroom or a place to fashion a story—to tell a story in pictures or through motion pictures—so the viewer may relate to the person in a photograph or the man or woman on-screen.

Telling that story is easier than ever, thanks to a reduction in costs without a reduction in quality.

Thanks to making the essentials both accessible and affordable, photographers no longer have to avail themselves of a search that yields the unavailable. Not when choosing and booking a studio is simple. Not when a studio has what a photographer needs—including lights, equipment, modifiers, Wi-Fi, and more—to start and finish a shoot. Not when a studio is the medium a real estate agent needs to create and send a message.

The sooner real estate agents do for themselves what they have done—and continue to do—for the properties they represent, the better. What they do outside a house, they must also do inside a photography studio: introduce themselves. They should say what they believe and promise to do, not because they should tell us what we want to hear, but because they should never not tell us what we need to know.

What we need to know is more.

We need agents to speak to us through pictures. We need them to inform and inspire us. We need them to be agents of change—people who lessen the stress of a change in housing—so their clients can more readily turn a house into a home. We need them to be our allies, advocates, and business associates.

We need their guidance, now more than ever.

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