Seven Next Steps to Becoming Favorably Known as a Trusted New Home Advisor With Credentials (And a Marketing Plan)

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Your New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) designation gives you professional credentials to separate your services from your competition, or can if you take the following steps to make it happen. Bookmark this page and refer to it often.

Step 1. Announce your credentials in Realty Times. Free. See sample.

Before you do anything else, announce to the world that you earned your designation. All you have. Send a high-resolution .jpg of your photo and your contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "NHCB Press Release" in the subject line and you are done. , Realty Times' professional staff prepares the copy and adds the designation logo to your announcement with their compliments.

Step 2. Market your credentials in social media and your contact list.

Now that you have a professional announcement in a real estate new service that draws about 500,000 visitors a month, copy and paste the announcement web address into your email, and your social media announcements. Show your announcement to your broker, because it is good publicity for your broker, too!

Step 3 Make sure you can access new homes inventory on demand.

Subscribe to This gives you access to the same new homes inventory and floor plans you will see on Never worry about finding new homes inventory on demand again. Free.

Step 4. Enter the names and contact information for three internet advisors in your mobile phone contact system.

Remember: they register your home shopper online, recommend specific products you should show, and many are now setting your appointments.

Step 5. Download your logo your certification logo.

If you wish to add your NHCB logo to your printed materials, website or blog, and need logo, download it here

Step 6. Become your own publicist.

It has been said that an expert is a person who has been quoted. There is a lot of truth to that. You can easily become favorably known as a trusted advisor by writing and publishing your own publicity right here in Realty Times for free. Click here to get started.

Step 7. Implement a consistent, measurable and affordable social media and communications strategy that requires little or no thinking, writing, or planning on your part.

Working closely with Realty Times, on your behalf, I am grateful and excited to strongly endorse a marketing package that makes more sense than anything I have researched over the years.

Take a close look at the social media tools and newsletter combination with the understanding that your one monthly payment for less than a $100 a month takes all the marketing pressure off of you. Cancel any time.

The task was to address these three issues:

a. “I don't have the talent or the time to think about marketing”
b. "I can never tell what I am getting for my money."
c. "I can't afford it."

The one thing none of us can say is, "I don't need to market my services."

I looked long and hard for a long time and I have found nothing that better solves your marketing needs with as little demand and inconvenience to the agents as what is offered here. As is our policy we do not accept referral fees, because it would cloud our objectivity.

Thank you for your business and thank you in advance for your referrals.


DavidFletcher smallDavid Fletcher
Founder, Lic. Real Estate Broker
New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC


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