Using Digital Tech Tools to Hide the Holly, Sell Quickly and Be Jolly

Written by John Bosch Posted On Sunday, 03 December 2023 00:00
Using Digital Tech Tools to Hide the Holly, Sell Quickly and Be Jolly Photo courtesy of VHT Studios

It’s a known fact: today’s buyers have no interest in seeing other people’s stuff! They would much rather picture their own lifestyle in a home, and increasingly expect listing photographs to appeal to their specific tastes and interests. Even though your festively decorated home might seem jolly to you, many of today’s buyers may view the decorations as a turn-off.

If you’re one of the many homeowners trying to sell your home during this joyful time of year, you might be advised by your Realtor® to keep the holiday decorations in storage to avoid deterring potential buyers.

If so, ask your real estate professional about Virtual Decorate and Virtual Declutter, tools that can make it simpler not only to attract buyers, but for you to celebrate the holidays and still effectively market your home.


Virtual Redecorate to Digitally Remove - But Physically Keep - Holiday Décor

Whether you’re a seller nicknamed the neighborhood’s “Clark Griswold” or one whose decorations are more subdued, consider using Virtual Redecorate to display your home in the most neutral and best possible light. 

For example, if your home has a large Christmas tree in the living room and stockings over a fireplace, Virtual Redecorate will replace the holiday items with more neutral, non-holiday themed décor to appeal to the broadest audience of buyers.

Have a fully decked out Winter Wonderland in your front yard, or even a few festive lights? Virtual Redecorate isn’t just for indoor decorations – it can also be used for outdoor photographs as well. Show buyers your home’s beautiful landscaping without the lighted snowmen or Santas  getting in the way!

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Photos courtesy of VHT Studios

Virtually Declutter Holiday Trimmings

The holidays are a notoriously busy time of year, and that often comes with lots of clutter - from holiday hodgepodge and general messiness resulting from activities like holiday decorating, baking cookies, cooking meals, and wrapping gifts.

You could spend time physically clearing out all of the clutter, but why not consider working with your Realtor to Virtually Declutter your home so you have one less item on your to-do list during this busy season? Virtual Declutter is where a photograph is digitally enhanced to wipe away clutter and personal effects from walls, floors, and surfaces to present a more spacious and visually appealing home.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 76% of buyers are looking for homes on a smartphone. Those smaller screens make clutter even more unbearable, so photographs of a home’s interior and exterior need to be eye-catching and with mass appeal more than ever before. 

Showing photographs of an uncluttered home to potential buyers is always more welcoming and impactful to the home’s sale price and time spent on the market.

Get Buyers to Picture Themselves in Your Home

You may still be able to bring out the festive décor after all due to the wonders of technology. Thanks to tools like Virtual Declutter and Virtual Redecorate, listing photographs can be edited to show broad appeal amongst prospective buyers throughout Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Year’s Day and beyond! 

John Bosch is VP Product at VHT Studios®, the nation’s leading real estate photography and visual marketing firm.

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