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Innovating in business enables a progressive, steady climb up the ladder of success. PJ Wade encourages innovation by revealing Five Innovation Realities to launch you on your 2020 road to improvement.

When change is all around you, innovation becomes essential.

Successfully anticipating and adapting to change draws on creativity and innovation.

As we welcome 2020, are you ready to act on the opportunities to innovate that lie ahead?

Many real estate professionals feel that they’re at their best when under pressure. Thinking on your feet and pulling out a great idea or creative twist at the last minute are essential talents during the many high-pressure phases of serving buyers and sellers. However, these talents alone are not enough to ensure reliable, sustainable profit.

• Can you call on fresh innovative thinking and out-of-the-box perspectives as standard practice when you’re designing new real estate marketing campaigns, expanding into new markets, or carrying out the wide range of professional duties involved in real estate transactions—online and off?
• Remaining responsive and flexible for your buyers and sellers requires that you exceed their expectations, consistently and with relevance. That’s how they reap the benefits of your innovative style and resilience.
• Branding, which provides a communication compass to steer by, requires ongoing innovation to remain engaging, relevant, and memorable.
• Ongoing requirements to blend the intensity of high-speed, ever-changing online communication and the intimacy of personal interaction with stressed-out buyers and sellers can make innovation an almost daily requirement for professionals.

To ramp up for 2020, consider how to use the following Five Innovation Realities to meet challenges ahead and achieve your goals:

# 1. Opportunity Is Everywhere: Innovation is not limited to something completely new.

Innovation involves something new to you or to your target customers, not necessarily something brand new to everyone. Some of the most clever innovations involve switching a product or service to a different context. This is at the heart of many industry-wide disruptions. When was the last time you applied a fresh point-of-view to an aspect of the buying or selling experience to provide a customized twist or digitally-astute time-saver for prospects or clients?

# 2. Incremental Improvement: Innovation does not require massive or dramatic change, or change for change sake, to significantly improve the bottom line. 

The majority of professionals who make subtle improvements to strategies, processes, practices, or technology experience positive impact on service delivery, client retention, negotiation, transaction results, and many important areas of excellence in client service. Adjustments and tweaks often excel over giant leaps.

# 3. Just Do It: Innovation requires commitment to improvement and to investing time for implementation.

If you work alone or adhere to a grueling, consuming schedule, you may adopt an “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” approach and feel there is no time for innovation. However, persist in doing the same things in a world that is continually changing and you’ll fall further and further behind, whether you realize it or not. Make time for small, steady improvement and you—and your prospects and clients—will benefit in the long run.

# 4. A Must: Innovation is essential, not optional.

The accelerated information exchange driven by mobile computing and social media has made "keeping up" a required standard practice and "keeping ahead" essential for business survival. Everyone’s watching when a real estate professional or brokerage earns a solid reputation for innovation that benefits prospects and clients.

# 5. Simply Wonderful: Innovation is not hard.

Although “many hands make light work” still rings true, technology, including social media and digital transformation, has empowered and inspired individuals in often breath-taking ways. Few employees or none at all is no longer an excuse for reduced resilience and improvement in any market. Ideas, examples, and shared experiences abound to inspire us and drive us on. Where do you search out innovation—beyond Realty Times, that is?

Innovating in business enables a progressive, steady climb up the ladder of success. Moving purposefully in the direction of your goals and objectives is much easier and more effective than randomly jumping from “the latest hot thing” to the “next hot thing.”

• Real estate professionals who genuinely understand and respect their target prospects and clients, thrive on anticipating and fulfilling targets’ real estate objectives while also achieving the professional’s goals. This makes room for innovation on both sides.
Innovation also lies within effective communication. Progressive professionals are continually intrigued by finding ways to communicate more clearly and respond more empathetically with prospects, clients, and colleagues. Do you realize it may just take a word change or new phrasing to enhance engagement?
• Obstacles, however small they may seem, between what clients expect from their buying or selling experience and what they experience in reality become inspirations to professionals on the lookout for practical, innovative solutions.
• When real estate professionals take the time to ask prospects and clients, “Is there room for improvement?,” the professionals who listen carefully are on the way to standing out in the crowd. Start small. Better signage, cleaner premises, better coffee, different showing approaches, more digital alternatives, clarification of real estate terminology, or faster followup—often seemingly simple things—can leave clients raving over improvements while the professional responsible may be surprised that innovation was so easy.

Suggestion: I find it helpful to select a project or business as an innovation icon that embodies what I’d like to achieve as I innovate. One of my favorites is Fogo Island, a remote coastal place that I have yet to visit. Last fall, at The International Economic Forum of the Americas’ Global Forum—a hot bed of international innovation that I often attend—I met Zita Cobb, Founder and CEO of Fogo Island’s Speedfast Foundation. I discovered everything I’d been inspired by and admired about the revitalization of Fogo Island—“to build cultural and economic resilience…to secure a resilient future”—was true and then some. (More on Fogo Island and the Fogo Island Inn in another column.)

What’s going to spur on your innovation this year?

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