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What’s a real estate professional to do now that a virus has upended their world? PJ Wade offers many positive, practical suggestions for applying your unique professional communication skills, real estate knowledge, and community connections in these disquieting times.

What’s a real estate professional to do now?

• Your professional and personal worlds have been upended and they promise to continue changing dramatically over the next weeks and months.
• Even if you are not in self-isolation to help slow the spread of COV-19 virus, many connections and networks in your workplace and in the community have been temporarily severed by closures and social distancing policies like sheltering in place.
• The world—every media outlet, online and off, and almost everyone—is super distracted by COV-19. Collective and individual attention has shifted to worrying about what to do about whatever happens next.
• Lots of voices are telling you—and everyone else—not to panic, but are you listening to that cool reasoning in this time of large-scale uncertainty? This may not be the time for a “buy now” or “sell now” marketing campaign, so what can you do to help yourself, clients, and your community calm down, refresh, and refocus?

Don’t be distracted by the commonality that the label “global pandemic” projects. The most dramatic changes are driven by a united effort to slow virus spread, but the experiences and impact of this global redesign remain very personal, individual experiences for each person, each family, each business….

If you suddenly have free time, which would otherwise have been devoted to work, how can you turn that unexpected freedom into something beneficial? Whether you decide to invest time in your family, community, or in growing or redirecting your practice, this giant “pause” is an opportunity to apply your unique professional communication skills, real estate knowledge, and community connections:

Real estate professionals who have spent a few years or decades in their community or selling a particular type of real estate, have accumulated impressive lists of past clients. The forced slowdown may offer time to contact these past buyers and sellers, investors or lessors to find out how they are weathering the crisis and its resulting isolation. 

Instead of merely sending out an impersonal email blast or newsletter, contact these past clients individually by phone, text, or even a hand-delivered note. Recalling your time together, your outreach may take a different form for each person. Just be sure a sales pitch or self-promotion doesn’t creep in.

Ask how you can help and listen to their response. Some past clients may benefit from learning how loss of income can be dealt with without jeopardizing their mortgage, lease, or real estate. Others may welcome ideas on contacting resources in the community. Many may just want to chat with a friendly voice who is interested in them and is not selling anything.

Stress has ramped up in many different ways, including through forced confinement and lack of social interaction.

On the other extreme…we love “home” but enough is enough when entire families are all at home at the same time for the whole day, week, month…! Additionally, layoffs and business closings are leaving many with financial worries.

 Isolation does not have to be lonely or unproductive. What can you do to create or support shared experiences that respect social distancing, but let people laugh together? Have you seen videos of those under lockdown in Italy singing to each other from their balconies? In Spain, residents regularly give healthcare workers a balcony-version of a standing O! Hi-rise neighbors joyfully engage in group exercises from their balconies. Many professionals are offering free webinars to help small business owners and entrepreneurs build skills while self-isolating. More and more are using connection platforms like Facetime and the free version of Zoom to safely share time with other isolated individuals and families over a meal, watching the same movie, learning a language…!

Your knowledge of social media, effective communication, and your professional skills may combine well to sponsor a social-distancing event like a porch concert, an online real estate Q & A, “how to” webinars, a silly YouTube series, or…. What would de-stress, amuse, or inspire your neighbors and past clients? Do what you do well—think of others and their needs. Let people see you as the resourceful, committed individual you are.

Life goes on…people still need to move and many still want to buy a home, but…?

Have you studied the details for proper (and fun) hand washing, social distancing, and other health safety measures so you can safely show a home or assist sellers or buyers while reducing or eliminating virus exposure for all concerned?

This may be the time for more and better video representation of listed homes. How could more be appreciated and better understood about each listing when viewing the online profile, videos, layout diagrams, photographs, seller testimonials…?

Helping buyers understand that you have visited all the potential homes they might consider. Using their specific buying criteria, you’ve professionally  evaluated each property in their price range and location. That means you can thoroughly present each property to them without having to take the buyers there. Instead of visiting dozens of homes, buyers can “view” all the listings in their chosen location and price range without having to leave the safety of their home. Help them narrow their choice to three “buyable” properties worth visiting.

What have you always wanted to do but felt you never had time to dive into?

Don’t put this off any longer. If you have time on your hands now, here’s your big opportunity. Indulge in fulfilling those interests and reduce stress and boost your immune system in the process. With a wealth of “how to” videos online, along with digital and phone access on a grand scale, there’s no excuse not to start now with that exercise goal, creative outlet, guided relaxation opportunity, transformation to virtual, or…what intrigues you?

Our instinctive reaction when we see others in pain or under stress is to reach out and give them a hug. The darn virus has robbed us of this natural reaction, but don’t let it win. Reach out in every other way to benefit yourself and others.

Stay safe and healthy    

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