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Technology demands regular updates to preserve performance and protect against viruses and hacks.

Does it surprise you to learn real estate professionals need regular updates to preserve and enhance their performance and to keep their clients safe?

• Strengths are linked to passions and are usually easy to update regularly.
• Updating anything we are not passionate about or interested in is work and can be neglected.
• As the importance of effective virtual communication increases, what is overlooked or ignored can unexpectedly gum up the works.

As 2020 draws to a close, how are you going to prepare to shift to full speed ahead in 2021?

Five Key Updates to Fast-Forward Into 2021

#1. What is your weakest technology link?

Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, each real estate professional is only as digitally strong as their weakest technological link with target markets. Whether that’s software, hardware, apps, or other digital connections subject to continual change, real estate professionals must keep up-to-date or risk being left behind.

There’s also the need to be technically savvy enough not to be caught by misrepresenting marketing pitches like the following:

• “Free Google Photo Storage Is Ending—Buy External Storage Now”

Google Photo has changed its free-15GB storage policy, effective June 1, 2021. How will this affect you and your photo archiving? Did you know that high-quality photos and videos uploaded before June 1 are exempt from this change? After that, new high-quality content will count toward the free 15GB limit. Check with Google’s ever-changing policies to learn specific details on how this will apply to your storage practices.

• “5G Phones Are Hot—Buy Yours for a Head Start in 2021”

Do you need a 5G phone or just want one? A significant delay lies between now and the point at which you’ll really NEED a smartphone to connect to 5G data.    

According to those in the 5G know like Computer World: “The truly fast kind of 5G is barely even available in the U.S.—and seems highly unlikely to become widespread anytime soon. You can't talk about 5G without giving yourself a serious headache. That's because ‘5G’ in and of itself doesn't really mean anything; it's a marketing term, and its very existence serves mostly as a vehicle for convincing us to buy new phones we probably don't need at inflated prices beyond what we probably oughta pay—and then also to switch over to more expensive plans with minimal meaningful value in return.”

#2. What’s the weakest point in your conversion process?

Zero in on the lowest conversion rates in your sales pipeline, customer experience, or whatever you call your sales conversion process to make great gains with minimum effort and expense.

How do you monitor your sales effectiveness? If you don’t know how many initial contacts (emails, texts, phone calls…) it takes to generate a meeting, real or virtual, and how many of these client interactions are necessary to net a transaction, why don’t you?

Granted you may measure other achievements along your sales pipeline or customer experience, but unless you know exactly where you are effective and where you aren’t, how can you decide the best way to improve income and achieve the other goals you set?

You may find that the pandemic has changed your target group or the way your pre-Covid target group behaves, so reviewing your criteria or measurement approaches may be necessary to re-focus your target marketing.

#3. How has pandemic turmoil weakened target belief in the achieve-ability of their real estate goals and dreams?

You believe real estate ownership offers lifestyle solutions and financial benefits, so how are you stepping up to counteract fear-mongering headlines? Real estate markets bouncing up and down can trigger hyper-emotional selling or buying. Job loss and pervasive uncertainty are driving many to panic.

Things are projected to get worse before they get better, so what encouraging messages are you sharing to keep your client base and target prospects believing in real estate solutions now and into the future? If you give up, remain silent, or keep harping on pre-Covid real estate messages, aren’t you part of the problem?

How can you persuade potential buyers and sellers to think differently about what is going on? You know the area and what’s really going on…what might surprise or engage potential buyers or sellers to start them re-thinking and reevaluating? You’re experienced at making connections and know how to gather information, so use this edge to cajole, entertain, persuade, inspire….

#4. What is the weakest link in your prospecting system?

Too often building a prospecting email list moves the real estate professional further and further away from the original face-to-face contact. For instance, many real estate professionals have long lists of past clients and connections that they have, over the years, passively sent annual calendars, monthly email newsletters, and other one-sided communication.

Yet, most professionals refer to those on their email lists as “clients.” Would they consider themselves current clients?

This dramatically different time may demand less passive prospecting and more action. Reach out directly to past clients to see how they are and what they are concerned about. Be there for them. These are not “do you want to sell your home” moments, but opportunities to rekindle commitment or start a fresh real estate relationship.

You are expert at staying top-of-mind without sales pressure. If not, sign up for e-learning to up-date key communication skills.

#5. How has the pandemic weakened your professional resolve?

Prolonged uncertainty, stress, and negative thinking about illness and death are wearing us all down, so why would you be any different? Do you find you’ve been checking and rechecking your phone or the refrigerator lately, even when you know nothing has changed? Are you realizing it’s hard to focus on anything for long?

Sustained high anxiety undermines thinking, decision making, and concentration. Are you over-viewing, overeating, over-sleeping, or “over” anything while under-exercising and under-communicating? What great habits are you neglecting? Up-dating good habits to reinstate productive behavior is essential to counteract the damage done by relentless high anxiety.

Fire-up your purpose. Why have you loved being a real estate professional? What feeds your passion to help people achieve and sustain real estate ownership?

You may discover new inspiration in these trying times if you reach out to those you served in the past. Help them look beyond their perceived weaknesses and move forward.

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