On-Hold or Fast-Forward?

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Is half your life on-hold and the other half going fast-forward?

At the same time, you’re obsessed with deciding what more you can do to help target prospects believe they can pursue their real estate goals to buy or sell in 2021.

Working during a pandemic can be a distracting and exhausting mix of not being able to take proven, profitable professional actions while being forced to adjust to new and continually-changing everything else. Some context stays the same, but a lot seems unfamiliar.

Real estate professionals are going through these stresses on two levels: in their own personal worlds and, second-hand, those of target prospects and clients—buyers and sellers.

Your income and professional growth is linked to what target prospects and clients accomplish with your help. In these uncertain times, the question becomes, “What is on-hold for them and what seems to be on fast-forward?” Answer those questions and you’ll be closer to determining where their attention and, therefore, your next deals lie.

Who is ready and able to buy or sell?

The easy way to answer this question is to ask targets individually:

1. When this is practical, do it! There is little substitute for personal contact, even when it is online, over the phone, or safely distant. Prioritize your contact list and away you go.
2. When one-on-one contact is not practical, you still want the prospect or past client to feel personally connected. How are you modifying your prospecting systems and sales processes to reach out? How are covid-driven service reductions counterbalanced to create service enhancement? No one wants to feel they are settling for less.

Before you dig into either or both of these outreach approaches, stop and ask, “What’s changed and what should be changed?”

Your prospecting systems, sales processes, listing presentations, listing marketing campaigns…what and how you communicate probably need overhauling. Effectively incorporating social distancing takes thought and new approaches. Adjusting to virtual or online communication instead of face-to-face exchanges demands a new sales process. And on it goes.

Whatever you did in 2020, got you through 2020. Now, in 2021, are these temporary accommodations and pivots appearing more permanent? Are they the best long-term approach to monetizing your efforts and enhancing productivity?

No more making do:

#1. Clarify Context:

Step back and take a close look at the systems and processes that drove your successful practice pre-covid. Determine exactly what you have changed to keep things going when return-to-normalcy seemed around the corner. Now there’s no going back. Decide how to make these temporary fixes even more productive and cost-effective than your original, pre-covid “business machine.”

#2. Dust Off Your Stories:

You’re not a psychologist, but you will benefit from responding to the new and continuing stresses that your target group is battling. Staying safe and keeping clients, staff, colleagues, and family safe is the number one goal in the real estate services you provide, but that is not all there is to it.

It’s time to dust off your signature real estate stories. You had stories that helped buyers decide when to act and helped sellers decide when to list. Are they still relevant or is an overhaul or rewrite overdue?

Review the other stories that communicate opportunity to clarify why they worked and how they can be improved on. How will you make your point now? You’ll need knowledge of targets’ present lives and fears to be effective:

• How are you keeping in touch with the target group that you’ve built your practice around over the years?
• What is on-hold for targets?
• What has accelerated or overloaded them?
• What are they used to doing, but can’t?
• What rush of changes—positive and negative—are they facing?
• What are their fears and dreams regarding real estate?

To open new lines of sales communication and remain relevant, decide how the lives of buyers and sellers will be improved by what you share?

#3. Time for New Tools?

Pandemic adjustments have raised demands for new tools. Some will last and some will fade away when the pandemic ends.

Before you invest in expensive new equipment and services, analyze your evolving market and changes in your chosen sales areas. Clarify how much additional work and ongoing cost would be involved?

Research what’s new and exciting in marketing tools, but take care to evaluate cost-effectiveness specific to your practice. For instance, attracting pandemic-weary viewers with dazzling 3D virtual tours may not be the most important marketing approach for your markets.

Keep in mind that marketing tools assist sales, they don’t close the deal. You, your expertise, reputation, and ingenuity still determine sales success.

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