A Contract for Real Estate Professionals

Written by Lewis Fein Posted On Sunday, 21 February 2021 00:00

A contract for the real estate industry is a way to avoid contractions within other parts of the economy. A contract of this kind begins with a contractor whose actions prove he is a man of his word, whose deeds speak to the letter and spirit of his words on paper, whose works emphasize the purpose of any title, contract, or deed: professionalism. A contractor of this kind is a guide, an advocate, and a source of wisdom for all parties—from buyers and sellers to landlords and tenants to investors and developers. A contractor of this kind performs a great kindness, too, thanks to the power of his example and the excellence he provides.

According to Matt DiBara, author of The Undercover Contractor and host of the video series of the same name, education is essential to helping current and prospective homeowners.

“Buying a house is the average American’s most expensive purchase, while the second biggest expense is home maintenance. The latter is a hidden cost that can exhaust a homeowner’s finances and leave a homeowner in a state of permanent exhaustion. This cost is preventable if real estate professionals educate clients about this fact.”

For Matt, the professional is personal. That is to say, because he is a trained professional, because he is an expert mason, because he runs DiBara Masonry, one of the top residential and commercial masonry companies in Los Angeles, he understands what real estate professionals should do—what they must do—to advance the interests of their clients and strengthen the integrity of the real estate industry as a whole.

The insight Matt offers is an insider’s perspective: the perspective to see where danger lies, the perspective to see lies that endanger homeowners, the perspective to see through the lies, scams, and frauds that are a danger to people’s hopes and dreams; the lies that can undo a lifetime of trust and ruin an industry’s reputation for generations to come.

In a time of plague and depression, we need to improve what makes trust possible. We need to repair the breach before the divide widens—before the divide is too hard to bridge or too perilous to cross—so we can renew what unites as a country.

We need to elicit the best from our profession, so the real estate industry can not only survive but succeed. 

We need to listen to leaders who speak to our concerns, whose principal concern is the principle of professionalism. 

We need to be professionals of good character, acting for the greater good of the real estate industry and the greatest good of society, acting to secure and spread trust, acting to keep the trust of the people so we may do more of the people’s business.

Representing the people is what a professional does. 

Matt DiBara represents the professionalism the real estate industry deserves, just as the industry represents a model of what all industries can and must do to earn trust. 

Trust is a privilege we pledge to preserve, protect, and defend.

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