How to Stay Positive on Social Media

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We are bombarded from every angle of social media, and every angle plays to our subconscious. That little thing we can’t really control, which controls us, can be controlled by what we feed it. When you feed it garbage, it gives you a negative world. When you feed it positivity, it gives you a positive world.

One thing you really need to be careful of and protect yourself from is the discouragement that can set in when you see an agent posting how great they are doing while you are trying to get going. Believe it or not, that will impact you. Seeing listing after listing come to them, when you are struggling to get even one, is difficult.

I find that 50% of social media is full of crap and the other 50% is too. So there is that.

What you have to do is remove that from your life. One thing that I learned through my 16-year journey—part of which was one of self-discovery when I left a toxic relationship and walked away from everything only to start all over in my forties—is that everything in life is a permission set.


You allow other people or situations to make you feel bad or influence you. However they make you feel, you need to know that you are 100 percent in control of it. When you learn this, then you can stop giving permission to people who make you feel bad. Seller, Buyers, Co-Workers, Loved Ones; if they are making you feel bad, then take that permission away. I find that being super kind in return helps. They can keep coming at me with negativity, but since there is no permission there to make me feel bad, it doesn’t bother me. I keep giving them love back, since it seems they need it.

When you see people posting about how good they are doing, if that makes you feel bad, post something positive. I try to post some level of positivity, or a fun message, every day. I started to do this when I went through my break-up, and I continue to do it. It makes me feel good, makes me think about a positive message first thing in the morning. In return, I get personal messages or comments that people loved or needed the message. That in and of itself is so humbling.

I look at things like this: for everything negative, there is something equally positive. It is the law of the universe. So this means that if I am stuck in a negative situation, or if I am stuck in fear, I remember that I am allowing myself to be in that position. I accept those things that I can’t change or have control over, laugh about them, and return from a positive place.


By focusing on things this way, I change my entire energy. This is true for all things in life. For instance, if you are driving down the road and someone cuts you off, sure, you are upset. But what good does that do? Laugh about it, smile and say, “Thank you, Jerk Face, have a wonderful day!” Then be thankful nothing happened, breathe and laugh, once again.

Sometimes it happens three or four times in just a few minutes. I will stop the car somewhere I did not expect, I will get out and go into the nearest store. Maybe I will buy something. Maybe I won’t. But I will get out and say, “I am changing my energy field now. You do not have permission to do this to me.” I speak to the universe as if it can hear me. But it is a mental energy shift. Then, I get back into the car. Before I open the door, I laugh and say, “Let’s not have a repeat.” Breathe and laugh.

I know the feeling all too well of seeing other people succeed, and I question why I am not. The self-doubt that comes along with that is real. Building a national training and software company does not just happen overnight. To open yourself to public criticism is a super hard fear to overcome. Imagine anyone from around the country being able to post a bad review about you on Facebook, Google or Amazon. Yeah, that is hard to open up to.

If you see a successful agent posting, and it eats you up inside, understand a few things: 

• It is marketing.

• It is a system.

• They might be full of crap.

They are not really playing their story to you. They are playing it to the public. Develop a marketing plan that works for you. I have spent a lot of time with business mentors, investors and other entrepreneurs. One thing that I hear often is that “It is ALL about the story.” What story are you telling? You have a blank canvas and you are a master, like Monet. What will you do?

At the end of the day, we are all telling a story online. There is a reason we post what we do every day, what we ate, where we went, what the dog is doing, etc. It is a way to connect. It is also an alternate reality of sorts. Or maybe some folks just have online narcissistic disorder where they think I need to know every time they go to the gym. But it is their story.

Tell your story. Don’t be intimidated to BE YOU.

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Johnny Mo

Johnny Mo was a pre Y2K network engineer for a large dot com. In 2001, he entered real estate and quickly rose through many award levels, reaching the ReMax Hall of Fame in a short time. Around 2011, he went to Keller Williams and was immediately invited to join the ALC. He became one of the top 5 most profitable agents at the time. He developed More GCI, a goal-planning application, which grew into a full-fledged training program that allowed him to consult with several franchises and associations. 

Always looking for ways to improve the industry, Johnny Mo saw a need with video. He noticed that everyone wants to tell agents to do it, but no one is willing to help them produce it, edit it and market it. They just want to sell a course. He developed Explore My Town, a video production and marketing company that offers a turnkey solution.

As Johnny Mo was building Explore My Town, he had the opportunity to have a meeting with famed author Michel E. Gerber, of “The E-Myth Revisited” series. He said to Johnny Mo, "Whatever you do, be revolutionary.” Johnny Mo took his advice. Want to join the revolution? Take a look at, and let him help you position yourself as THE area expert."

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