Top Marketing Tips for New Construction

Written by Ashley Sutphin Posted On Wednesday, 29 March 2023 00:00

When you’re a real estate professional and brought on board to sell new construction, the situation comes with unique challenges. There’s a lot of competition, it can take some visualization on the part of potential buyers, and depending on the project's stage, you might be asking your audience to take a big leap of faith in buying a home from you.

You’ll have to tailor your marketing strategy to your situation and maybe do things a little differently your approach when it comes to existing properties.

Build Out Your Online Content Strategy

When marketing new construction, especially in the pre-construction phase, you want to use content marketing to your advantage because you won’t necessarily have the same level of imagery you would for an existing property.

This means you need blogs, articles, and written social media content to drive attention.

You can blog about the process of building the homes, the models, the neighborhoods, the builders, and similar details.

Regarding optimizing your content for search, think about local SEO keywords and be hyper-focused on the neighborhood and its amenities.

When you create written content with fewer images, you can also use your words to create that imagery.

If you’re in charge of marketing an entire planned community, you should have a standalone website developed for it. You want to start building out a strong online and digital brand for the entire community because this effort will compound on itself. As you build up this presence, it will be easier and easier to market and sell more of these homes.

What About Your Visual Elements?

The visual elements can be the most challenging part of marketing new construction. If you have a model home to rely on, this will make it easier, but if not, there are a few things you can do.

One is to invest in having someone create mock-ups that you can easily share online and on social media.

You can also create a digital walk-through of what the property will look like, and then you can upload this on your site and share it on YouTube. This will cost money and time, but ultimately will probably is most likely to give a strong ROI because people are inherently visual but have a hard time picturing what something will look like unless it’s right in front of them.

Have a Deep Understanding of Your Target Audience

When selling pre- or new construction, you need to understand who you’re speaking to precisely. These communities or homes won’t be for everyone, but when you analyze your buyer profile, you can drill down to what your audience is looking for and cultivate your marketing around that.

For example, if you’re marketing new construction, it’s probably about the lifestyle. The lifestyle could appeal to retirees or families with children, as a couple of examples.

When you don’t have a physical property, you can show someone your marketing is more about achieving a lifestyle than selling the home's specific features.

Maybe the lifestyle is about outdoor amenities ideal for families, so your marketing focuses heavily on this.

Social Media

On social media, it can be compelling to create a sense of exclusivity and scarcity when marketing new construction.

You can also update your audience on how construction is coming and create progress reports, all of which can build a sense of excitement.

Rely on the Strengths of New Construction

Finally, along with not having the home itself ready to show someone in many cases when you’re marketing pre- or new construction, you’ll have to deal with setbacks like needing a buyer willing to be patient.

Some tradeoffs are inevitable but focus on positive things about new construction, like the customization options, the lack of maintenance needed, the turn-key home appeal, and things like builder’s warranties that often come with these homes.

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