Your Job Is To Find And Meet The Buyer's Needs

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 20 April 2005 17:00

Recently, I had the opportunity to shop for a home for my daughter and son-in-law. They were moving from Denmark back to Orlando. I had power of attorney so I had them get pre-approval before I started looking.

With everything in place, I became a ready, willing and able buyer.

My son-in-law found a home on the Internet he wanted to see so I called the agent's office. The listing agent agreed to meet us at the home the next morning.

I told him about my family's move, the two infants, etc. He had no further questions and made no attempt to build rapport with me. He did mention that this was an unusual home, because it had a split plan, which was unusual for home that age.

He recommended we use MapQuest for directions, which we followed until we ended up in an orange grove. He later explained that MapQuest doesn't do a good job with directions that include "circle."

My wife and I arrived at the appointed time. The listing agent arrived 20 minutes late, but apologized because his multi-lock system's battery went dead and he had to replace it.

So far, so bad.

He fumbled with the multi-lock box, grumbled something to it, then unlocked the box for the key. He told us he was glad to see the key, because the last agent in the house had not replaced it.

There was still no attempt to establish rapport, build trust, or establish needs. He went straight for the close.

"Two contracts have fallen though and the seller is eager to sell," he told us, adding again that the home was a split plan. He didn't think that the fact that when we entered the foyer, we had to climb four steps and go down four steps to the living area, and kitchen, would be a problem for parents of two infants.

When we told him this home would not do, he apologized again for being late, thanked us, and drove off into the sunset.

Here we stand, ready, willing and able buyers, with no agent. I had to wonder what he told his wife that night. He probably told her how tough business was.

My guess is that he had little, or very little, concept whatsoever of the importance of building rapport and trust and establishing needs before showing homes.

Serious homebuyers need, and want, Realtors to help them find the best home for them. It usually isn't the one they saw on the Internet, or the one they called on in the ad.

We ended up purchasing a for-sale-by-owner, but that is another story, sad as it might be in a way, because this Realtor didn't take the time to prequalify us and work to find the right home for the buyer.

A bird in the hand is not worth two in the bush if you don't know what to do with the bird. Or worse yet, you do know what to do, and don't do it.

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