Tapping Into The Power of Behavioral-based Selling

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Three truths of behavioral selling:

1. People tend to buy from salespeople who have behavioral styles similar to their own.

The reason is because the communication, connection, and trust are at the highest levels. When someone seems like you in the way they talk, walk, and think, you instantly like them more and trust them more. There is a connection that is created that opens up communication channels and lowers resistance.

You talk fast together or slowly at the same pace. You both talk about your family, and it's comfortable, or you keep your conversations lighter and all about business. You provide lots of facts, figures, and charts to support your recommendations, and that's exactly how your client likes it because they are behaviorally aligned with you. It makes the sales process easier when natural behavioral styles align.

2. Salespeople tend to sell to customers who have a behavioral style similar to their own.

Have you ever had a prospect you just "clicked" with right away, and on the first call, you knew that working with them was going to result in a sale and be enjoyable, as well? That person was aligned with you behaviorally, and you didn't even know it. You knew that you "clicked", but you didn't know why.

When you encounter a prospect who has a similar behavioral style, something magical happens. The communication becomes easy. You don't have to think about what to say and how to say it; you react naturally. It's like you're a professional golfer, and you are having a day where the golf hole looks like it's the size of a manhole cover in your mind as you putt the ball. You couldn't miss from fifty feet away!

As a salesperson, your confidence and conviction soar to new heights. It's as if you are Leonardo DiCaprio on the bow of the Titanic shouting, "I am the king of the world." You are master of your domain and the results you achieve! Because of these feelings, you are willing to ask more questions, take a little more risk, not be deterred by a minor road block, and objection handle more assertively. It is truly a magical sales moment.

3. Salespeople who understand their behavioral style and are able to adapt or blend with the prospect's style will dramatically increase their sales.

We can't rely on the first two rules to carry us to sales success. There are not enough potential prospects in the world for us to only sell to people with similar behavioral styles. We must learn to adapt our style to broaden our prospect audience. Here are the facts:

  • 18% of the world's population is Dominant
  • 28% of the world's population is Influencer
  • 40% of the world's population is Steady
  • 14% of the world's population is Compliant

You would have to dramatically increase your prospecting and lead generation to omit anyone of these groups of potential customers.

People buy from people they like. We all know that fact. The real question is what do they like. If we know what they like and how they like it, we can insert ourselves in the middle of this like and love fest. Some prospects like you to be direct and straight forward, others want to have fun in the sales process. Some prospects want new solutions, systems, strategies, and cutting edge stuff; others want proven and well-tested products, solutions, or systems. Some buyers need volumes of data to make a decision; others want a little for support but will decide with their gut. Some buyers want to chitchat or talk about family while others want to get down to business right away. All these differences are due to the prospect's behavioral style. You can't repeat the process of the like connection without knowing how to behaviorally sell.

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