Real Estate Explanation Videos Proving Popular With Agents And Lenders

Written by Posted On Sunday, 12 January 2014 12:11

For those of you who are looking for a way to grab prospective home buyers attention and keep them accurately and thoroughly informed through the home buying process at 'on demand' speed, click here.

What you will find are over 170 short explanation videos for real estate, mortgage, title companies and homebuilders on topics related to just about everything real estate touches.

"Licensees are already using the videos for social-media, email drip campaigns, mobile marketing, search engine optimism, and partner co-branding campaigns," CEO and founder of Fast Forward Stories, Matthew Dunn, PhD said.

"Video is the most effective form for the attention economy - the explosion in video traffic makes that clear. A 2010 Implix email marketing survey found that including a video in an introductory email increased the click-through rate by ninety-six percent," Dr. Dunn said.

"But video is both creatively and technically challenging. We've pulled those barriers down. Our launch price ranges from $19 per month for a 10-video library for real estate agents to broker/owner plans that include the complete set of videos for $99 monthly," Dr. Dunn said.

There is a lot of 'me too' technology out there that promises something better, cheaper or faster than their competition. From what I can see, this application of explanation videos is as practical and customer focused as any real estate technology to come along in years. Short, clear and entertaining videos accessible 24/7 from the agent's website represents a breakthrough in customer service, not only for its access, but for its consistency and clarity.

Century 21 M&M Associates team leader Lee Whistler uses his video library of more than 100 solutions, to provide information to homebuyers and sellers want and need, and to make it available on demand, Whistler said, because his prospecting strategy is to 'lead with a giving hand." Whistler's team uses the videos to provide answers about everything from financing, credit repair, to mortgage definitions, FHA options, and more.

"I was like a horse with blinders on plodding the same tired, worn out trail, going through the same motions over and over, until I decided to make my service about the customer and dug deep to understand what they really needed," Whistler said.

Whistler's approach is working. During the interview, he said that he was on the verge of getting a listing from a local homeowner who is moving in about three months and asked him what he should do about the house he has to sell.

"This is a person who has questions that need answers and doesn't quite know where to turn. There are thousands of home buyers and sellers out there with these same questions.

"My video library helps buyers remember to return to my site when they cannot remember the answer to a question they asked a month earlier," Whistler said. But Whistler found another use for the videos- search engine optimization, which he said puts him in great position, because today search engines are looking for videos.

Mortgage broker Leo Kenny of Kenny Financial Services in West Chester, Pa uses the library for email and Facebook drip campaigns in addition to the on-demand customer service provision.

"My customers call it 'unique' and unique is good, especially when you want to stay a few feet ahead of the herd, which I do," Kenny said."

"Video explanations on demand are the new customer service because they provide click- speed response for on-demand customers," Dr. Dunn said, " and the easiest clearest way for real estate agents to respond to the fast growing on-demand customer."

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