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Save: 3 Hot High-Value Social Media Websites

Written by Posted On Monday, 22 December 2014 15:54

I don't want to add to your December overload, but here's 3 amazing high-value social media websites to SAVE until you can shift into high gear for 2015.

In December, everything is wildly accelerated and work can lose its focus. Year ends, deals to finalize, holiday celebrations, family responsibilities, and maybe even a vacation—all packed into an already high-pressure work-life schedule.

Then, on December 26, most professionals shift gears to think about 2015—challenges, intentions, and goals, financial and otherwise.

There is little value in digging into the wealth of social media savvy, context, and techniques presented on the 3 high-value sites profiled in this article if you're distracted by the season's deadlines and not sure what your 2015 point is. SAVE this article, bookmark it, print it, or however you keep track of useful content. When you are ready to strategize about what can be achieved next year, keep what you discover on these 3 select websites and what you realize about the following 3 perspectives in mind:

How can you be different from your competition if you use the same websites, resources, techniques, etc.? The 3 high-value sites introduced here are not real estate specific. Because I understand your problems, challenges, and strengths, I know that their content and resources are definitely relevant to real estate professionals who want to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

How do you reach beyond your comfort zone and that of the real estate industry to attract business and provide extreme excellence in service to clients? As a futurist and strategist, my role for clients is helping them see "the box" that limits thinking and to encourage them to break outside through exposure to ideas, challenges, and forward thinking from a wider range of sources and resources than their industry exposes them to.

Social media represents a powerful set of communication tools, but if you don't know exactly what you want to communicate and to whom, social media will just keep you busy, not productive.

3 Hot High-Value Social Media Websites:

These high-value sites deliver relevant, timely content and forward-thinking context as articles, blogs, webinars, reports, videos, interviews and more. Prioritize the following to match your 2015 intentions and challenges:

#1. WORDTRACKER.COM- Wordtracker, a company with digital marketing services to sell, offers an intriguing blog and useful academy of courses to prove how much you need to know about KEYWORDS. What are yours?

#2. NIEMANLAB.ORG - The Nieman Foundation is a Harvard University "online reporting enterprise focused on the future of news and innovation" and intent on helping figure out where news and journalism are headed. The 3 main publishing initiatives will provide you with fresh perspectives on journalism and digital media which you can relate to real estate to the benefit of the clients you serve:

  • Nieman Lab: The staff of reporters write daily about the most significant developments in journalism and digital media on a global scale;
  • Nieman Reports: The website and its print version represent a forum for journalism's leaders on issues like ethics, values, and innovation also relevant to your work and industry;
  • Nieman Storyboard: Marketing and selling are types of storytelling that can be improved in the same ways that narrative journalism, another form of storytelling, can be. Tracking conversations between accomplished journalists will teach you how to use your vision and words to help clients expand their horizons and achieve goals through real estate.

#3. ESOMAR.ORG- ESOMAR describes itself as "the essential organisation for encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide." ESOMAR is the European Society for Opinion and Market Research, the world association for market, social and opinion researchers. Currently, with more than 4900 members in over 130 countries, ESOMAR's global membership brings together professionals in market and opinion research, marketing, advertising, business, public affairs, and media from around the world.

Even for non-members, the site offers articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, news, resources...a wealth of insight, fresh thinking, and hot news on market research with a global perspective that relates to business in your backyard.

Here's a small sample:

  • TTIP: What is it and why should I care?- "...TTIP stands for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and is supposed to become the biggest free trade agreement ever made: the EU and US together form 50% of the worldwide GDP."
  • The Future Has Arrived—5 New Realities for Researchers - "...With new tech companies launching online survey tools and brands conducting ‘DIY' research, there's a danger that traditional market research could be left behind. If the industry is to survive and thrive, then it's time to face the facts. FACT NO. 1: Consumers call the shots…"

Once you consciously move your thinking outside the box of past experience and learned responses, you'll be amazed at how smart you are. Inspiration and innovation, the much touted 21st-Century drivers are the natural product of this journey beyond your comfort zone—real estate.

Do your clients and competitors use these social media sites and others like them for their research? Are they one step ahead of you as a result?

Let's make 2015 the year things really happen!

Onward & Upward—The directions that reallymatter!

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