Do You Have Game?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 20 February 2008 16:00

The most valuable player on a team earns his/her stripes when he/she is able to combine skill, strategy and, if it happens by, a bit of luck to their (as well as the team's) advantage. Top scorers are warriors who get knocked down and jump back up swinging ready to re-double their efforts toward the goal. "She's got game," compliments a winning attitude, smart moves and despite it all, a sense of humor.

Right now, with real estate market challenges surrounding us like a swarm of mosquitoes (where do you swat first?) we all could use some "game." While the possible luck part of success is out of our control, we sure can beef up our skill and strategy to score. Do you have game?

Skill = knowledge united with readiness, dexterity and application … . It is one thing to know how to do this or that; it is another altogether to actually perform. Far too many agents are tolerating little or no productivity yet claiming they know what to do to be productive. These are the legions of folks who will not invest in training or refresher training because they know what to do. So why are we bleeding agents due to lack of income? Remediation and application of skill is lacking. Consider the following rules to achieving "GAME."

1. Tell yourself that you know nothing about listing and selling real estate. Instead, you are a thirsty sponge that soaks up information and converts it to knowledge with ease. Every day it is your duty to learn something that will help you to score appointments.

You know without a doubt that sitting in the office or at home is akin to being benched. If you cannot play, you cannot score. You are a maniac when it comes to education. Read an article a day. Listen to a CD or tape a day. Keep the words flowing and the energy high. What worked against the other team last year is old hat. The public's got your number, and it is not working for you in this round. Change it up. Throw out a couple of "curve balls" in the form of winning verbiage, market knowledge, value proposition, interactive/proactive prospecting, etc. You'll be in the strike zone before anyone else.

2. Get out of the penalty box and back in the game. So, you are not performing up to the late, great you. Build a bridge and get over it. Let go of passive prospecting and do nothing but pro-active activities. Passive prospecting is holding onto the ball too long and failing to move it into play. Sorry, you are out of control of your career. Pro-active prospecting is about getting out and finding the opportunities to stay in play.

Advertising, farming, mailings, target marketing, etc. are all passive. You close your eyes and shoot. Miracles do happen, and, yes, someone sitting at home may see the ad or read the mailing and contact you. However, if they don't, you lose the game. What happens if you get out there and knock on their doors, attend community events/meetings, call everyone who knows you and ask for referrals, visit attorneys, builders, senior centers, do seminars, on and on?…SCORE!

3. Sticking to the game plan is crucial. You are the coach and must decide desired outcomes. Once you are clear about what it is you want, you set the steps in motion to make it happen. Let me give you some advice, coach. The outcome desired must always be the same…schedule the game (get the appointment), show the competition what you've got (make your seller/buyer presentation flawless), and score (sign the listing agreement with seller/buyer). Always remember, if the score is not verified, it doesn't count! Working with a buyer without a signed buyer agreement is like scoring and then finding out it didn't count. Why bother?

4. Stay positive and be a team player. No one on the team wants to listen to moaning, groaning and lame excuses. If you were the coach of a team of whining weenies, what would you do?

Right, have a come-to-the-lord talk with them. Do that with yourself. Walk it off, you're fine. Renew your commitments to the other players (family, co-workers, the public who needs skilled pros, etc.,) decide that being a loser is not okay and take full advantage of the weaknesses of your opponents. Let's face it, gang, there was never an easier time to beat the competition. Look, they just lit up the score board. Game on!

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