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Hire a professional mover VS asking your buddies

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 07 March 2017 11:16

So, which is the better solution for your upcoming move, hiring a professional moving company or asking your family and friends? It all comes down to your availability and flexibility when it comes to cost and how helpful your friends might be. Obviously, both sides have their own series of pros and cons, but you have to go with whatever is best for you, and your family.

Hiring A Moving Service In Agoura Hills

If you hire Agoura Hills movers, like Attention To Detail Moving, you’re going to get assistance you can count on. They will arrive on time, do exactly what it is they say they are going to do, and do it in the quickest, most efficient way possible. The only downside to hiring a Agoura Hills moving company is that it is going to cost you more than it would if you just rented a truck and did it all yourself.

Attention to Detail Moving is one of the best moving companies in the Agora Hills area. They offer the best and most professional moving service around. They have a 5 star rating on Yelp and people have nothing but good things to say. Attention to Detail approaches every home or apartment move differently, they compose a detailed plan before moving an furniture. All of their employees are former military or armed forces member and they execute each home move with military excellent. They bring all the equipment needed. Trucks, dolly’s, furniture pads, you name it they have it. You can be sure that your home will be moved properly.

Asking Family And Friends To Help

Having your friends and family help you move is normally a much cheaper alternative than using a moving service in Agoura Hills. It also makes for a more entertaining move and provides everyone with the ability to converse and catch up with one another. You can also use private storage units to store your belongings as they are packed, and then divide and conquer. Send some friends to unload the storage units while others begin loading the truck for the big move.

The major downsides to this approach is you never know how long someone is going to stick around to help and how helpful your friends might actually be when moving. You typically end up buying everyone lunch and or dinner, as well as providing snacks and beverages, which could sometimes cost you more than it would have, if you hired a moving company. You will most likely still have to rent a truck and hopefully someone has a dolly or furniture mover you can borrow. Asking your friends and family to help is normally less efficient as well. This means your move will typically take far longer than it would had you used a professional moving company.

For more information about moving servicer in Agoura Hills or in Los Angeles and Ventura County be sure to contact Attention to Detail Moving.

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