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How to Choose a Great Neighborhood When Moving to a New City

Written by Posted On Monday, 05 June 2017 15:25

When you are moving to a new city, you might be unsure of where to rent or buy a home. One neighborhood may have a totally different vibe than another. Your real estate agent could be a good resource. You can also use these four tips for selecting a great neighborhood.

Check Neighborhood Crime Rates

Different neighborhoods within a city often have starkly different crime rates. Before settling on a neighborhood, visit the local police department's website or another crime statistics site and investigate which crimes are common and whether the rate of crime is average, below-average or above-average. If possible, join a neighborhood crime watch group on social media. This will give you insight about crimes that might not get reported.

Look into Local School Ratings

The quality of the community schools is another consideration to keep in mind. Even if you do not have school-age children, a high-quality public school system will add value to your home. Some companies, such as RE/MAX Corridor, realize that quality schools are also a strong indicator of a healthy and vibrant neighborhood that has solid citizen participation. You may also be able to arrange for a tour of the schools, which could be important if you do have children or plan to have kids who would attend them.

Consider Proximity to Libraries and Parks

Consider the level and quality of public services in your future neighborhood. The ability to walk to a well-maintained park provides you with an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air. A good library system is also a helpful community resource. You might also want to consider whether the neighborhood has sidewalks for ease of walking and how far it is from shopping, transportation options and places of worship.

Examine Curbside Aesthetics

A great way to evaluate a neighborhood is to check out how well each property is maintained. Look for dilapidated houses with gutters falling off, boarded up windows or debris in the yard. This shows that people are not properly caring for their property. Look at how well the yards are manicured and whether there is loose garbage around the area.

As you look for places to live in a new city, consider stopping and talking to the people outside. Ask them how they like the neighborhood and why they like it. Doing some research and visiting at different times of the day will also help. Once you make your neighborhood choice, you can have confidence in knowing that you have made an informed decision.

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Rachelle Wilber

Rachelle Wilber is a former real estate agent now turned freelance writer that specializes in home realty, mortgage, and building. She graduated from San Diego State University with her Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Media Studies.

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