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OpenCart review: comprehensive info on improved release of this open source solution

Written by Posted On Thursday, 07 September 2017 22:39

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The second version of OpenCart has been released on the market. It is an open source software that features great popularity. This version introduced many modifications to the interface. It also provided new dashboard view and changed some other tools.

This OpenCart review is dedicated to some most interesting characteristics of this software that makes it stand out from the rest of the programs. Numerous Open Cart reviews mention that the new release of this ecommerce shopping cart introduces many improved attributes. Code creation has been improved as well as a dashboard. Maintaining it will be simple. In our OpenCart review, we would like to name the most prominent characteristics of the new release (OpenCart, version 2).

Almost every OpenCart review on the Internet indicates that the new release features full responsiveness of its designs. They are expected to have a fantastic look across a broad range of various devices.  Moreover, in our OpenCart review, we would like to ensure OpenCart fans that the new release integrates perfectly with Bootstrap making your e-shop a reliable, robust selling channel  featuring smooth operation across all devices.

Font Awesome is another advantageous feature of the new OpenCart versions that enriches the design providing fonts and icon set of over four hundred items according to many Open Cart reviews. By adding special CSS classes to the site code, you can display stylish icons on your website.

Some new features that are worth mentioning in this OpenCart review make new release a cool version of this software. OCmod is one of them. It lets you modify many things on the site. But what’s most important, it gets the modifications done while leaving main files virtually unchanged. It is straightforward to add this new feature. Most Open Cart reviews point out that it ensures prevention of data loss during upgrades.

In this OpenCart review, we would like to inform the fans of this software that the new release contains a so-called “intuitive” dashboard. Focusing on most relevant features and tools like analyzing transactions and client’s data, it provides easier ways to communicate within the software structure making it more user-friendly. Menus are placed vertically on this new dashboard, and not horizontally providing smarter navigating opportunities.

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Extension installer, as stated in many Open Cart reviews, is a smart feature. It makes it easier and faster to install add-ons/themes. You do not have to perform overriding of files; it will be done while installing themes or extensions.

The first release of OpenCart provided many payment options (over twenty payment gateways). However, we need to pinpoint in our OpenCart review that much more was included with the second release (currently over thirty options) including BluePay Redirect, Amazon Payments, PayPal and many others.

Web store maintenance can be a difficult task because you need to worry about many things. Event Notification makes it easier to get notified about various processes.  In our OpenCart review, we would like to comment on some of them. The system informs about the number of new clients, number of products that need to be restocked, about the status of each order, etc.

Also, the new version features API. It integrates the website with third-party platforms. For instance, connecting the info on a mobile app to CMS site.

We need to say in this OpenCart review that the second release of the OpenCart software program is equipped with MaxMind. It is a system that detects fraud. It can identify and put on hold transactions that may pose some risk. Many methods and algorithms are used for fraud identification. The system may track suspicious IP addresses, risky emails or devices.

Web designers and developers as well as end-users of this software will benefit from our OpenCart review.  IT experts who commented on the new release, expressing their opinion on the modified front end. They say that it hasn’t changed much from the previous version and boasts excellent navigation and fresh themes. The new slider has been added. Also one can notice some other small but significant changes.

Some end-users were complaining about the large boxes in the catalog of products. They would like to have some resize options to modify them and change proportions. They also discuss the problem with the default theme. The image size for products is too big. Many end-users just cannot provide pictures large enough to fit there.

Other crucial interface parts namely for end-user accounts and shopping cart remained unchanged compared to the previous version. Some experts see this as a positive thing because the last release had nicely designed and developed interfaces.

Some experts pointed out that the last release had admin dashboard that looked a bit cumbersome and outdated. In OpenCart 2 it was changed a great deal, and the results are great. It has become more user-friendly and looks good on top of that. The new pop-up box is an excellent addition. It contains top navigation and significantly improves space utilization. Furthermore, it adds to user experience along with other cool features in the new release.

We can conclude in this OpenCart review that the new release is a fantastic Ecommerce platform for your e-store. It boasts a user-friendly interface. Beautiful default theme adds to look of any e-store. The main shortcoming of this new release is that it is not hundred percent compatible with the previous one. It means that upgrading process may be somewhat awkward. However, it is known that the developers have been working hard to resolve these issues.

OpenCart features simple installation process. It requires limited PHP knowledge. Configuration PHP files need to be renamed before performing an installation. After the system is installed, the user can perform full customization of the e-shop adding all the necessary info. This platform provides multilingual support. Also, if you want to design several online stores, you can manage them from one backend.

OpenCart has a “General Public License” and can be used openly by anyone. Once the software is installed, the user can start placing different products in various categories adding their attributes. Filters let users find and group the products.

This OpenCart version can be used by new customers or existing users who can upgrade and modify their e-shops using the great tools and features of this software program.

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