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How to choose an electrician for your real estate business?

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 October 2017 12:24

Regardless of what business you have, at some point, you will require the services of an electrician or an electricity expert.

In most cases, when you start a building, you must need an emergency electrician if your project needs to be finished ASAP. And any other cases, when renting or buying a premises, office, building, ship or any other type of infrastructure, you must reform the electrical installation or start from scratch until you get the electricity you require to work properly.

Why is it important to choose an electrician?

Your real estate business is an investment, and we assume that you want your investment protected. Not giving importance to the electrical part of building a home could be the first step to lose all your investment in case of a fire.

If to this we add that the electricity is vital in the day to day of almost any type of business: lights, machinery, security, etc., you will not want that I failed in the less opportune moment.

What type of electrician to choose?

It is important to be clear that the requirements regarding the electrical installation of a business and the one of a house/floor are different, just as it is important to choose the right electrician depending on the work you require to be done.

There are companies that offer complete electrical services: design of electrical installation, wiring, connection, lighting, repair, etc., and even in some cases offer complementary services such as gas or refrigeration. The ideal would be to look for professionals in your own province, as it can represent an important difference in the budget; it will not cost the same to hire electricians because the projects are a different type.

Other professionals specialize in a particular area, but the important thing is to hire someone who knows what you are doing and who is duly authorized to do so.

Services provided by commercial electricians

Some of the services most commonly provided by these professionals and electrician companies are:

  • ● Services related to lighting ranging from editing required lighting, installation, and maintenance.
  • ● Design of electrical system in new construction
  • ● Improvement/modification of electrical system
  • ● Automation
  • ● Security systems
  • ● Study and solve overload problems
  • ● Detection and repairs
  • ● Low voltage/high voltage

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electrician

  • ● Needs: It is important to be clear about the electrical needs of your project, so if you do not have knowledge about electrical power, it is best for an advisor to analyze the electrical power your project will require. It does not require the same installation an office with two computers and a photocopier, a supermarket that has 20 refrigerated cabinets and as many freezers.
  • ● When you check different options you must evaluate something more than the price of the service provided by the electrician, check that they offer the services you require, that there are hidden costs that trigger the bill later and especially that the work is well done.
  • ● Choose a company that has an authorized installer's license, this guarantees that the electrician has the necessary training and experience so that the work can be carried out under conditions.
  • ● References: It is becoming more common to use references, not just acquaintances and friends who have worked with these companies, thanks to social networks, nowadays we can know the satisfaction of customers with these companies or professional electricians.
  • ● If you are opening a new real estate business, you think that it may be necessary to establish coordination between your suppliers, for example, the electrician may need to talk to the decorator or vice versa to inform about their plans.
  • ● Verify that they have an authorized installer license or accreditation as an electrical engineer in the case of larger projects.

If you want to contact a professional of prestige, with the experience and knowledge necessary to offer a quality work at a good price you must look for among the best companies of services of electricians. Consult with the specialists of the sector, ask for several budgets and hire the ones that best adapt to the needs of your business.

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