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Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 April 2018 17:48

The real estate industry has been in existence for several decades, helping people to acquire or sell their properties. However, with the changing and evolving technology, it doesn't matter how well a real estate company is good at selling the property. What matters is how well the agent can use marketing strategies effectively in the real estate business; otherwise, the agent loses its clients to competitors. Every real estate agent needs to work on its marketing strategies regardless of whether it is starting out or it is a novice in the industry. As an entrepreneur in the real estate industry, you need to implement these marketing strategies, to ensure that you don't lose your clients to your competitors or you fail to get new clients.

Create a strong personal brand
When selecting a realtor, clients want an experienced, trustworthy, and knowledgeable real estate agent. One of the ways you can set yourself apart from other real estate agents is establishing your brand and emphasizing your qualifications and strengths. Come up with a short bio that highlights your experience in the industry and your knowledge of the local area while emphasizing on your values and commitment to assist your clients. In fact, you need to hire an expert to help you design your website and an active profile on networking sites. An experienced designer will develop a fast GPU database for your real estate company to aid in processing various data types.

Run a referral program through your email list
Referrals are useful and powerful tools for real estate agent such that they make the difference between doing well in the career and failing. One thing for sure is that most real estate agents get their business deals through referrals. You can consider running an email marketing campaign that entails your customers reaching out to previous or current clients and asking them for referrals. You should remember to tell your clients to offer incentives to their references. Since their networks could be busy, the clients should ensure that you can come up with something worth the time of the networks to refer them to these connections.

Email newsletters
You need to capture email addresses of your current clients as well as of your leads and create a real estate marketing email newsletter. You can seek help from online email marketing vendors to help you track people who open your emails, what they click on if these people are subscribed to your emails, and design a professional newsletter. You should send useful information to your clients about the real estate sector rather than self-promotional content. People usually receive several junk mails in the day, and you don't want your emails to be such types of emails. You can send newsletters that talk about guidelines for finding houses, industry trends, funny news from your state or city, and updates on the sector.

Blog about questions, challenges or frustrations of your audience
Studies reveal the effectiveness of blogging as a marketing tool for real estate agents. However, it can only be an effective marketing tool if you blog about appropriate topics. Unfortunately, some agents will blog about things or activities that they like, which is not necessarily an exciting topic for the audience. When thinking about issues that you want to blog about, real estate agents should first consider their audience especially if the objective is to get more leads and clients. One of the most exciting topics for the audience of real estate companies is the challenges, questions or frustrations they go through when searching for a property to buy or when looking for a buyer for their house. Since it is a topic that interests them, they will evidently read your blog so that they can find solutions.

Make a viral real estate video
If a real estate company can capture the attention of its potential or current clients, then it can reach a wider audience via social shares. People like sharing entertaining videos on social media platforms, which means that your content will reach several people and generate leads. Don't worry even if the audience is not your target because they might send the video to someone who is in your target group.

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