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Sell Your Home Faster With These Easy Strategies

Written by Posted On Friday, 02 November 2018 11:19

Selling a home is a complicated process. Many factors go into the buyer's decision to buy a home. This includes price, location and the home's features. Sellers can do a great deal to entice the buyer to close on their home. Even a few simple changes can bring in the buyers and lead someone to decide this is the right home right now. Most buyers are looking for certain things when they are looking for a home. They want a home that calls to them. They also like homes that let them envision living there when they see them. Any seller should keep in mind all such details. It's a good idea to begin the process of creating an inviting home before putting it on the market. Generating excitement from the very first day the home is on the market will often lead to a fast closing and the price the buyer wants.


Curb Appeal

The first thing a buyer sees when they look at the home is the home's exterior. Buyers want to be wowed when they come up to the house. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to make buyers happy with great curb appeal. A seller should look at all areas of the front including the upper stories, front yard and any surrounding details. Now may also be the time to ask neighbors to consider if they will think about making small changes to their own homes as well such as removing clutter. A much higher sale price will benefit the entire neighborhood by pushing up housing equity. The seller should make any minor repairs such as sanding a railing to the yard and painting it. Rake leaves, move any garbage pails to the back of the home and put out a new welcome mat. The whole space will look cleaner and brighter.


Clear it Out

Buyers also like homes that look big and bright. A buyer wants a home that lets them stamp their own personality on it with ease. This is where it makes sense for any seller to clear out any excessive clutter. Renting storage units for items the seller isn't using right now has many advantages. Clearing out clothing that may not be used for many months means closets that look larger and have more storage space for the buyer. The same is true of other items. Furnishings should be pared to an absolute minimum. Examine each room closely. Extra items like lamps, decks, chairs that aren't being used and pictures should be removed. The same is true of kitchen gadgets that can be stowed in drawers and books that can be left in storage until needed. Reducing clutter creates more space and makes existing rooms look larger to the buyer.


Paint It

Cleaning out the yard and removing all excess items should be followed by an additional step. The homeowner should think about painting all existing surfaces plain colors. White is a great color choice. It's easy to clean, adds light and goes with existing details in the room easily. Painting the walls white also adds a sense of unity that brings buyers from one room to the next with ease. White can be used to bring light and warmth to dark corners. Consider using it with a similar color in a neutral palette. For example, grey and brown make it easy for buyers to see what the rooms would look like if they added some subtle shades of their own. Pair with other accessories such as sheer white curtains and softly patterned rugs to create a home that reminds buyers that the homeowner has been attentive to all the home's important details.


All sellers can use these easy techniques to increase the value of their home before it goes on the market. Thoughtful home selling details will bring in happy visitors and make the home sell faster.

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Carol Evenson

Carol is a home renovation specialist with a background in organization and sales. She assists realtors with business management and growth.
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