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The Many Things to Do Before Listing Your Home During The Winter

Written by Posted On Thursday, 08 November 2018 12:47

The decision to put a home up for sale is one many people do not make lightly. Choosing to leave one's home is a serious decision. Many people want to make sure all is order before they begin. Selling before winter begins requires special care. This is a time when it can get very cold outside. It's also a when many areas see lots of snow. Anyone planning to put a house on the market at this time of the year needs to accomplish several goals. Getting inside from outdoors must be easy without obstacles. Snow and ice removal should be done as soon as moisture begins to fall. The interior also needs special tending. A house for sale in the winter needs to be kept warm and cozy. It's important to see the house through the eyes of all potential buyers and through their eyes when it is for sale.


Enough Supplies

Keeping up a home during the winter means fighting the cold. All areas of the home must be cleared of impediments. Ice poses multiple dangers. It can cause an interior ice dam that impedes the free flow of water inside. Black ice can also pose a serious health hazard. The last thing home sellers need is to have someone fall on their property and get injured. Any seller should make sure they have enough salt on hand so they can clear out it out even the middle of a blizzard.


Heating in Working Order

When people look for a home in the middle of winter, they want to feel warm when they walk inside. A heating system in good working order should be done before putting the home on the market. It's a good idea to get the heating system checked at the start of the fall season. A checkup makes sure the heating system works so the home is always warm. The same is true of other warming systems. All fireplaces and their flues should be checked to make sure it is possible to safely start a fire there.


Cozy Spaces

Winter is a time for cozy spaces that make people want to come inside. Any home for sale during this time of year should feel cozy. Think about ways to make it a retreat. Using colors like red and green say cozy. Drape a throw across a living room couch. Heavy curtains in a thick fabric make the rooms feel warmer and contribute to this feeling. Thick rugs also invite people to come inside and feel cozy and welcoming.


Good Lighting

As the days grow shorter, it's time to bring in the light. Spaces like the basement should also exude light. Basement window wells allow in light in any space in the home. Overhead lighting should be carefully tended. Get rid of broken bulbs. Use fairy lights in one or two rooms to create a sense of drama and add even more light. Other sources of lighting like candles add romance and set the stage for the home buyer.


Removing Clutter

Clutter can impede people's ability to remove around the home. Remove items that are not being used right now like bicycles, all summer clothing, lightweight bedding and pool toys. Place them in out of the way spaces or rent a separate space for storage. Every single item should have a place in the home. The goal is to tell a story. That story is this is an appealing home with lots of space, heating systems in order and a place that will make the buyer happy not only during the winter but all year long.


It's best to get these tasks done as soon as possible. This allows the seller enough time to get the house ready for the buyer. Careful attention to detail before winter starts will get the house sold quickly.

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Carol is a home renovation specialist with a background in organization and sales. She assists realtors with business management and growth.
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