New Home Co-broker Academy Announces Broker-controlled Multi-purchase Online Training Packages

Written by Posted On Monday, 04 February 2019 05:45

Orlando,Fl - New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC  is now offering access to bulk purchases of its popular certification course, How To Build A New Homes Niche.

"Now that we have more than 3,000 graduates, 7450 Realtors on our newsletter mailing list, and completed 38 live monthly seminars we know what not only is needed but how it can best be offered," David Fletcher, Academy founder and CEO said. 

"No management. No customer service. No cost usually works but what is these combined in great content.

"Our signature course is not about the builder or the builder's home. It is about the Realtor's long-standing misconceptions, wrong assumptions, and untrained response to basic questions asked by home buyers. 

"We see these possible needs for a variety of levels:

1. Offices that 'need something' but don't want to get involved: Refer to No management. No cost. If they take the course or don't take it, you don't care. 

2. Offices that care, that understand the need for their agents to learn the same solutions. Refer our course to their agents. No management. No cost. 

3. Offices that want to add the course to their basic training for all agents. Agents complete at their leisure. Endorse course as your basic new homes training course, encourage new agents to take the course, to become certified new home co-brokers by completing the exam with a score of 80, then downloading their certificate. New agents LOVE this.

4. New home teams that want to take the course and complete by a certain date, then move to phase 2 (which we are working on as this is written). 

 One team member purchases multi copies of the course and may or not become the administrator. We have agents purchasing and completing the course in time for their names to be included in a company ad, for example, as certified new home co-brokers. 

 For broker's who see the course as the most consistent, agent-focused new homes training they have ever seen, and decide to make it a part of their basic training system, multiple seats may be preferred. Bulk prices for multi-seat purchases are discussed on a private, one on one base. 

Agents who complete the course:

Complete six sections:

How To Build A New Homes Niche

How To Sell Resales Using A Price Baseline

How To show New Homes

How To Find The Right New Homes. On demand.

How To Find New Home Shoppers

How To Team Up With Onsite Sales Teams.

Upon completion, the agent must pass a 20-question exam with a score of at least 80, and may retake the exam once, 

They may download a certificate, with the name imprinted.

They may download "Next Steps", a pdf designed to help them implement what they learned in the course. This also includes links to the logos used to brand their designation. 

They have one-year random access to 126 narrated, animated powerpoint slides. 

The course author spent his entire career representing home builders and condominium builder/developers, working with Realtors along the way. to $3 billion new homes sales in more than 70 communities. 

Try us. Visit our website. 







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David Fletcher, NHCB

David Fletcher is a co-founder and CEO of New Home Co-broker Academy LLC., an online e-commerce business. Visit David's website to take his famous 3-hour online course, How To Build  A New Homes Niche, to become a certified New Home Co-broker (NHCB). More than 5,000 graduates. Content is based on his long career and onsite sales success working with both builders and Realtors to list and sell more than $3 billion in new construction. If you are a broker who wants to offer your agents a way to add new homes to their resale inventory and home shoppers, this is your solution. 

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