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Market insight: Fashion brands are braking into luxury real estate

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 09 April 2019 21:06

The number of investors that acquire luxury properties has increased. It seems that more and more people are buying luxury homes and this does not come as a surprise. Sumptuous homes are performing assets – in other homes, they generate a healthy, steady stream of cash flow. Purchasing a deluxe property is like making a secure investment. Over the years, fashion has had a considerable influence on the luxury real estate industry. Fashion is architecture and luxury real estate has become fashion.

An ever-increasing number of fashion houses are launching interior design and home collections together with property developers. Luxury lifestyle is just an extension of luxury brands, one of the oldest extensions, by the way. Fashion brands are renowned for their exquisite taste and ability to set trends. So, it only makes sense that high fashion clothing brands dabble into home décor. While Fendi is designing and furnishing the interiors of superyachts, others are launching their signature hotels. These fashion maisons have slipped into a new business; hotels.


Bvlgari makes available jewelry, watches, and fragrances. Many turn to this brand when it comes down to finding the perfect accessories for their Balkjoler. The Bvlgari hotel, which is located in Milan, creates a positive stay with its modern architecture and luxury facilities. The establishment comprises 85 rooms and suites. The principal thematic design is silver. The opening of the hotel represented at the time a confirmation of the expansion of the brand. Now, there is a Bvlgari hotel in London too. If you have ever wondered what it is like to be encased in a jewelry box, drop by and you will see. You will love the distinctive aesthetic.


A while ago, Armani launched Armani Casa, which provided the designer the chance to share with the world his vision on living space. Anyone can bring the Armani style into their homes. If you have a prestigious residential complex or an exotic villa, you might want to think about investing in bespoke products. Giorgio Armani triumphantly made his debut into the world of hospitality by opening a hotel in Dubai.

Every aspect of the hotel is designed by Armani himself. It is a place where you can entertain family and friends. Additionally, it is a great prom venue. Speaking of which, you might want to see if your daughter has decided on a gallakjoler. Good prom dresses are not hard to come by. Getting back on topic, the Armani hotel was named sustainable hotel of the year. And Giogio Armani plans on opening yet another hotel.


The Italian luxury fashion house is popular throughout the world. Does it have something to do with the logo? No, consumers appreciate the bold and glamorous fashion. Apparently, it was not enough that numerous hotels feature Versace interiors. The fashion maison wanted to have its own establishment providing accommodation. The Palazzo Versace is just as opulent as Donatella Versace. Anyone looking for five-star accommodation will like the hotel approved by the House of Versace. Every detail takes inspiration from classic design and is made with artistry. It is something not to be missed.

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