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Florida Developer's 42nd Consecutive New Homes Seminar June 11

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 05 June 2019 03:57

Davenport, Fl -  Providence Golf Club is sponsoring its 42nd monthly new homes seminar Tuesday, June 11, and at the end of the day, more than 2200 Central Florida Realtors will have earned three hours CE credit and their New Home Co-Broker designation and visited the model centers of the development's five home builders. 

Things were not always so good, but ABD Developers focused on the need to bring more agents to their builder models, knowing that the answer was not to continue doing what was not working.

"We had to think a little differently about how to draw Realtors to our community because we were off the beaten path, and co-broker sales were 20%. Within the first year 2016, co-broker sales were 80%, and that number is holding firm, with one builder now selling at 90%," Sales and Marketing Vice President Matt Brown said.

"We were doing the same thing all builders do. Sponsor lunch and learns, golf tournaments, and the like and broker attendance was slack, to put it mildly." 

"Our preferred builders were rightly pressuring us to bring more real estate agents to their models. We took a risk. We did something we never heard of being done before. We decided to focus on the needs of the broker, not the builder, and it worked.

"We saw the needs of the brokers being first and foremost education and training. Builders need qualified buyers, which Realtors control. Realtors need a saleable inventory, which builders provide. Based on that simple premise, we started to offer a course that focused on showing real estate agents how to build a new homes niche and to improve their prospects-to-sales ratio by making sales they might have missed or lost.

"We knew what we were teaching would help them make new home sales throughout the area not just at Providence, but that is what made the training so unique and so applicable to their needs," Brown said. 

"We met the brokers at their point of need; They did not like the fixed price because they are trained to negotiate price, we showed them why they should make 'fixed' price, meaning the base sales price of a new home, the best way to help their home shoppers see, touch and feel what they can buy for the money they want to spend. 

"They were concerned about registering their prospects. We talked about working with internet advisors, they worried about how to find the right inventory, we showed them how to find it, not just at Providence but anywhere.

"They did not like waiting on their preconstruction commissions, we share a service that prepays commissions; they worried about talking too much and being nervous when showing a new home with onsite agents, We show them how to show new homes without saying a word, and win the respect of both the onsite consultant and their prospects by doing so," Brown said.

Based what Brown and his company ABD Developers were doing with the co-broker program at Providence, Brown was invited to speak at the 2017 national International Builders Show. 

Was there anything else the brokers needed to clarify in their thinking? Oh yes.

"They did not know that discussing incentives up front is exactly what they should not do, because incentives are closing tools. We take them through a complete presale process using a case study to show them how and when incentives should be introduced by the onsite agent.

They do not understand that today's builder wants only one thing from them - bring a qualified buyer to their sales office. They did not know that according to studies 35% of their resale prospects will look at new homes, and 18% of those buying new homes will not look at resales. We remind them to qualify for new homes when qualifying for resales,

"They think they need to learn construction. We share with them why they need to let the onsite sales consultants answer construction questions.

"When they leave this free seminar to visit the models they are pumped and know what to expect when they get there, Brown said.

"As the developer, we feel it is our job to lead the horse to water (bring brokers to the builders) but to make them thirsty enough to "not only want to go to the water but be thirsty enough to drink it  (focus on what they see ) and return (with prospects) for more, Brown said. You might say what we share is the 'salt' that makes them thirsty to get involved with new homes. From that point, it is up to our builders to sell their homes." 

Providence sponsors a three hour seminar  How To Build A New Homes Niche, the first Tuesday of every month. 

For course content and to register for your seat at next month's seminar, click here. 



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