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What to look for when choosing a Mar Vista Realtor

Written by Posted On Saturday, 21 September 2019 10:01

There are many reasons why we buy or build properties and one of them is for speculation. There is good money when you sell an estate and if done well, you could realize even a double prize. However, that will not come by luck. Selling your house or property in Mar Vista can be a daunting task; it is more than just a mere advertisement in popular magazines or dailies- not even on social media. It is quite a process that requires the expertise of a realtor.

Look at the realtor’s company culture

You may not place real value on a real estate brokerage company to the atmosphere. However, looking at the behavior of the staff, how they interact, and their level of satisfaction working for the company. Common knowledge holds that if one is satisfied in the company they are working for, well remunerated and with handsome benefits, they’re likely to deal excellently with the company customers. That is why before you choose a realtor; you need to research their level of job satisfaction- A satisfied staff will go the extra mile to assure you have the best price and deals.

Training and mentoring

One of the basic things that you need to check out for before you engage a realtor to sell your home is their level of training and mentoring. School is not enough to qualify a realtor for being good. After their training in a reputable college you will want to find who they have worked under. You want to find a realtor that has gone through the licensing by the realtors' board and a mentor ship program.  This helps understand the realities on the ground, learn to maneuver and thus can successfully get you a good deal for your estate.

An available broker

You don’t want to engage someone who will keep making promises and fail to honor because of ‘over -commitment’. As an estate owner, you have many questions to ask your realtor and you need someone who is available on the phone and physically when you need them. If you want to know how available they are to their clients, ask friends or relatives and look for people that have dealt with them. Do not just get any guy in the streets, nope, look for a trusted and available realtor.

Someone who’s tech-savvy and a good communicator

The traditional way of doing things doesn’t seem to bear many fruits anymore. Beyond calling prospects, a realtor will need to display the property on social media, and all other avenues where it is well exposed. That is why you need someone tech-savvy, able to communicate proficiently to all their contacts in a language they understand and their perfect platform.The person should possess good etiquette and be an excellent problem solver. With this kind of realtor, you can rest assured of great deals and therefore a good return for your estate. 

Are you planning to sell your house or any other property and make good money? Then, you’d better get a Mar Vista Realtor who is well trained and licensed in the 90066 area. They are well mentored with many years’ experience.

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