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What to Include In Your Condo Association Website

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 08 October 2019 22:24

Having a website for a condo association, whether big or small, has become of utmost importance. It is the best way to provide relevant information to the residents in an efficient manner. Websites are also an excellent platform to publicize property and increasing exposure, thus reaching as many prospects online as possible.

The big question, however, is, what should you include in your condo association website to make it efficient and as professional as possible? Note that the little you know about websites is not enough to guide you through a professional condo site. You should get PropertyPop custom built condo websites for the best results. While everyone may come up with their ideas on what makes a good condo association site, here are the most important things to include.

Community photos

You want the website not only to be appealing but also; it should show who you are. Having a gallery of community photos will influence the visitors' perception of you. They will see that you are serious, and you have taken your time to gather quality and relevant information for them. They are, therefore, more likely to trust you. You will notice that even realtors will start using those photos on their listings, which is an excellent way of increasing your property’s exposure online.

Rules and conditions

Do not forget to add a rules section where you will outline all the terms and conditions that every board member should adhere to. You will also outline all your expectations from the residents or prospects who wish to rent or buy your property.

Events calendar

This is the perfect way to inform the community of any upcoming events, especially the association-sponsored activities, board meetings, or any other relevant area events. It will notify the website's visitors if there is an event around the corner that they should attend.

Policies and forums

The other important feature to include in the site is the community policies that the residents should follow. This section can also be used to answer all the FAQs, such as the property rental policies, showcase insurance certificates, the association's declaration, and the maintenance fee schedules.

Area roadmap and information

Providing website visitors with a comprehensive roadmap and information about the surrounding areas of your property is a plus. Here, you can include the available amenities, local government information, security information, emergency hotlines, and the available sites and activities, to mention a few. Look for the right Condo website provider to do this professionally.

Contact information

Last and not least, do not forget to add the board members' contact information. You need to make yourself as accessible to the residents as possible, and if they can contact the members directly, they will have more faith in you. They will have more confidence in your ability to manage the property. You may add the members' email addresses or their exclusive telephone numbers. The right good Florida condo website company will definitely advise you on the kind of information to add here.

While there is so much you can add to make your condo website appealing and functional; these are the top aspects that should not be left out. These features will make your site relevant and increase lead generation.

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