Avenue South Residence launched in Singapore: why this very helpful for your new home

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Avenue South Residence is a jointly operated and is developed by multiple sister companies, including one popular company, the United Industrial Corp, along with Kheng Leong Company Holdings Pte Ltd. 

These sister firms both belong to the UOL Group, which both have an impressive portfolio, both locally and abroad.

The South Residence development’s showroom can be found at the very end of Jalan Bukit Merah, a road which starts at Queensway. It is located within the western region, before taking its residents on a trail to Kampong Bahru Road. The road is an arterial road, and is huge, and has become quite the important road for both commercial and industrial buildings, primarily due to its address. 

The street on which it's located has countless attractions and is an extremely functional road, which includes Connection One Towers of offices, the Rubicon, the Bukit Merah Library, and the Bukit Merah Central. The area is also the home of the Gan Eng Seng Primary School, making this condominium the perfect place for families to be.  

One of the development’s roads, the Jalan Bukit Merah Road, is recognized as a significantly popular road in Singapore, all because it has a special entrance to the city’s General Hospital. It additionally, also serves as an alternative for a road, where drivers can head to Keppel and Sentosa when driving from the city, which adds to its popularity, thus projecting an incredible, modern experience.

The Floor plans of Avenue South Residence

Avenue South Residence, the condo residential development, includes apartments that start from one to six-bedroom apartments. These well-designed condos are the perfect place for either single individuals, couples, and even bigger families. It also presents the opportunity for an investment, for those who are interested in maximizing the offer’s value.

The Avenue South Residence Condo is in an incredible area in Singapore. Site plans for the new developmental property, is available online, on the website, avenuesouthresidencecondo.sg.

Site plans are accessible upon request, and all depends on what it is you’re looking for or if plans are available for the public. 

Plans are drawn up with inter-generational sustainability kept in mind and have amazing views of Singapore’s southern region. It also has many kinds of amenities. Avenue South Residence Condo serves as the perfect environment for families. It has many simulating features and facilities for individuals that are also seeking a stress-free, yet relaxing environment. Visiting South Residence, you can expect the finest quality of living.

Online users may additionally register for updates about the condo site plan on the Avenue South Residence site, to view updates about newly released floor plans.

The Price Estimate 

As a residential condo, Avenue South Residence, located in Outram Park’s neighbourhood, includes many angles of scenic views found on the southern part n of Singapore. The condominium serves as the perfect setting for anyone that is seeking a single-bedroom, as well as many as six-bedroom apartments.

The condominium is the ideal location for those who are seeking a stress-free, friendlier environment, as well as a neighborhood for whoever has families of all any sizes. Avenue South Residence additionally also offers a wide range of amenities, which includes but is not limited to a library, many different schools, and countless other features.

The development offers affordable buys in an incredible location, with selling prices varying between approximately $2000 and $2300psf, all of which depends on the condo’s size and where it’s located in Avenue South Residence. The property’s TOP is 2023-2024 and is subject to change depending on changes made to it.

The pricing of the development is merely based on many different factors, including legal costs, construction, and development costs, commissions, administrative costs, and more.

The value of the Avenue South Residence’s site sold either per loft or apartment is set to increase with time, due to its location.

Avenue South Residence’s Location in Singapore

The residential condominium development, Avenue South Residence, located in Outram Park Neighbourhood, is only a 15-minute walk away from a popular park, the Outram Park MRT. It’s only a few minutes drive from countless amenities, including Orchard Drive’s shopping district, as well as the Southern Waterfront district, which is currently still under construction.

It has everything from one-bedroom condos to six-bedroom condos. All condos are positionally designed to all have views of the southern region of Singapore. It is also directly connected to AYE, CTE, Keppel Road, Outram Park, Kampong Bahru, and Tiong Bahru.

The development is easily accessible to different roads, including the Thomson East Coast and East-West Line, the North-East Line, and the new Cantonment MRT, situated at Spottiswoode Park on Circle Line.

Outram Park neighborhood also has a planning area, located within the Central Area in Singapore’s Central Region, next to Singapore’s river located in the northern region, in Downtown Core to both the eastern and southern region, and Bukit Merah in the west. Every part surrounding the development serves as crucial nodes to Singapore’s state and is only one reason why the residential development is such a popular location to purchase property in Singapore.

Where to Find More Information About the Development

For more information about the development, one can look at Avenue South Residence’s website. 

Located in Outram Park neighborhood, surrounded by many incredible and active-living neighborhoods, which includes Tiong Bahru Neighbourhood, several food shopping stores, and entertainment options, the family-friendly lifestyle experience adds to the charm of living in Avenue South.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner , a family wanting to buy a brand new state of the arts home to live in, or just want to invest in real estate, this development offers you more than what you need, all with a great view.

Project details and important information, including the pricing for condos, can be found on the development’s website, avenuesouthcondo.sg.

For more details on the project’s floor plans, users can register online on the website for updates on the new floor plans, as well as get access to view it. 

If users have questions, they can complete the online contact form. Developers will contact you by phone or email to answer queries, assist with any the provision of information, and arrange a meeting with you. Contact details can all be found on the Avenue South Residence website.

Condo Name: Avenue South Residence

Address: Silat Avenue

Telephone: (To Be Updated)

Opening Hours : 9am - 8pm

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