How do you attract international real estate buyers?

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Thanks to the internet the marketplace really is global. Whether you’re a massive conglomerate or a sole trader taking your first steps in the world of business, you can access potential customers around the world.

Of course, it can seem more difficult for some businesses. After all, if you’re selling property you can advertise it on the web but this may not be enough to get interest from long-distance, or international clients.

The good news is that you can attract international real estate buyers, you simply need the right approach and a good web design company. They’ll help to ensure you tick all the right boxes:


The first step is to consider which international customers you’re intending to target. International is a little too general, you need to think about who is likely to be interested in the real estate you’re selling.  This can be based on what you perceive to be current or future market trends, or you may simply know that certain nationalities are currently purchasing in your area.

Once you’ve established this you’ll know the most important languages that you want to use. It’s important to create your content in each of these languages and then, when creating the pages, code the content with the appropriate language code. This ensures that people reading internationally will see the site in their own language.

It can even be used by speech readers to help those with visual impairment.

You’ll actually be creating different sites for each of the languages, this will give the best possible experience to your international clients and assure them that you’re a professional and reputable company.


Look at almost any web page and you’ll find at least one video playing. This is because videos can say much more than words alone, in much less time. But, the video must be relevant.

When dealing with international real estate clients you should be producing high-quality videos that give them the feel of the inside and outside of the property. An international buyer is unlikely to jet halfway across the world unless they’re convinced that the property is right for them.

You need to maximize the detail you show by producing high-quality videos.

Finance Options

It can be a good idea to show, or link to an associated page that shows, the various finance options available to international clients. Not every international client will have deep pockets, many will need financial help. If you’re able to direct or help them with this then they’ll find it much easier to choose your services, and purchase a property through you.

Don’t forget that international clients need to have top-end treatment, they’re investing in a foreign country and may not be sure of all the rules and regulations. By knowing what these are you can help to instill confidence in your prospective buyer and make them an actual buyer. Yes, they’ll need more attention than your average domestic buyer, but the rewards are also significantly greater.

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