PrimeTrade Forex Broker Review

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 05 August 2014 03:38

 As a leader in online trading and execution, PrimeTrade has recently announced its Forex broker trading program. Let us see if its foray into this highly popular form of commerce has been a successful one.

The Needs of the Forex Trader vs the Features of PrimeTrade

- Trade Execution

In order to get the most out of a Forex trading platform, it is necessary to determine the reach of that platform. Some Forex platforms are better used by beginners, as they do not have the execution tools to make sure that trades receive priority in the highly volatile and nearly instantaneous Forex market.

Fortunately, PrimeTrade has held true to its previous platforms by providing one of the fastest and most intuitive execution standards of any Forex trading platform bed is on the market today. It would have seemed a bit of a backslide not to have the fastest execution on the market; however, traders do not need to worry about this at all when they use PrimeTrade tools.

- The Ability for Proper Research
The second most important aspect of any premium for extreme platform is the research capabilities that the platform has. It is also with great pleasure that we can announce that the PrimeTrade platform has research tools that will satisfy even the most demanding and precise of traders.

Preferring only to partner with sites that have been shown as reputable for many years, PrimeTrade users can trust that the information that is coming to them is properly vetted. There are absolutely no pump and dump schemes or advertisements portraying themselves as news sources on this research platform.

– Analysis
Real-time analysis tools are an absolute necessity for any Forex trader. PrimeTrade has done it again with some of the most in-depth and intuitive real-time analysis tools for all types of traders. Combined with the research capabilities that the platform has, any trader will be able to monitor his or her progress against other traders in the room or over a longer term.

For all of the different types of research and analysis that can be done on the platform, the setup is also quite visually attractive as well. You can reorganize your landscape to view your research and analysis in the way that you prefer. This will help you to reach your goals more quickly, as you will not have to worry about clicking away from windows that are less important to you yet placed in a set position on your screen.

– Customer Service
The final piece of the puzzle for any Forex trading platform is a customer service when the inevitable mistakes happen. The customer service that PrimeTrade has committed to his farm beyond the of its competitors in the industry. Whether you need a bit of handholding to begin your journey with the platform or you simply need customer service when something goes wrong, you can get the service that you need using PrimeTrade.

Overall, this is a service with very few weaknesses and many strengths. You have the best of the best on your side, and everything is now up to your skill level and your ability to interpret the results of what you put into the program.




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