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The 5 Rules of Safe Concrete Cutting

Written by Posted On Saturday, 24 January 2015 01:32

The 5 Rules of Safe Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutters must possess the knowledge and skill needed to not only do a good job, but to do the job safely. When concrete cutting on a site in Sydney Contractors and builders must understand how to minimise risk so they and those working around them stay out of harm’s way. What can you do to maintain high safety standards when cutting concrete?

Concrete Cutting Safety Rule 1: Always Wear Protective Gear

Always wear proper safety gear before cutting concrete. This goes for the cutter as well as those who will be working in the area. Adequate gear should include goggles, ear plugs and clothing that is easy to wash or disposable as well as gloves and steel-toed footwear (or shoes with a steel cover).

Concrete Cutting Safety Rule 2: Reduce Dust as Much as Possible

Dust is a common hazard that occurs when cutting concrete. Sand, mortar and concrete can carry silica which, when inhaled, can lead to silicosis. Keep everyone’s lungs clear by using a wet cutting method along with local exhaust ventilation (LEV) to keep dust in the air at a minimum.

Concrete Cutting Safety Rule 3: Know How to Deal with Interruptions

Chances are good that at some point, you will have to stop what you’re doing to handle other tasks. Maybe an important phone call came in or someone needs your attention for a short time. When this happens, remember to completely switch off the cutting tool and set it in a safe place to avoid accidents.

Concrete Cutting Safety Rule 4: Ground All Electric Tools

Electricity can be a hazard if not managed properly. When using electric equipment, remember to ensure that everything is adequately grounded and insulated. Do not operate electric equipment when using a wet cutting method.

Concrete Cutting Safety Rule 5: Monitor your Saw Rotation


Pay attention to your saw’s rotation angle. Always stay away from this region when cutting. There are times when the arc could surprise you, especially when operating a handheld saw that is entirely guided by hand. Do not use a cutting tool on ladders. If you must cut concrete at a different elevation, make sure a solid platform is constructed that will allow for safe operation.

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