How to repair drains

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To learn how to clean the the sink and the formed blockage is one of the most widely known question, about which thinks almost everyone. 

The situation is pretty common for everyone when  the water is no longer fully going into the sink and of course in the most inopportune moment. The challenge of calling for  plumber and waiting for him usually takes  a lot of  time, and we usually don't have it at all.

Therefore, knowing several options for cleaning the sink from the clogging can help you to do it by yourself. 

How exactly to do it is written in this article.

  • The easiest way is to use the sink plunger because the subject is available in almost every home and even more: plunger is a tool that is known worldwide. You need to close the drain hole in the sink with it. Then open, preferably hot, water. After the water will cover the rubber bulb on top, you should do a certain amount of strokes with the plunger, and quite vigorously. These actions will create a drain pipe pressure drops, destroying the cork, which is forming a blockage. At this moment, you can raise the plunger. And when your work was successful the water is twisting again into the funnel, is going down the drain, which is cleaned by you.
  • If it is impossible to clean the blockage of sewer pipe with the plunger, you can use a simple manual hydraulic pump. Powerful water flow to blur the plug is directed downwards along the pipe. If the tube is strong enough for moving the stopper along the pipe then the upwards movement can be used, which will create a suction force which may be sufficient for this purpose. This technique is quite easy. You need to close the overflow hole  with a damp cloth. Then draw water into the pump from the tap. The nozzle of the pump needs to be pressed sufficiently close to the drain hole. And then it is necessary to swing until the pipe is released from the plug.
  • The next tip is very easy. Before cleaning the the sink with baking soda you will need these items: cotton swab, kettle with boiling water, box of baking soda, bottle of vinegar. When all the ingredients are prepared you need to follow very simple instructions. First of all you need to boil the water in a kettle. Then you are to wipe the sink so, that its' walls will be dry as much as possible, using a dry cloth. After that you need to fill the drain hole with ½ cup of baking soda, if it cannot pass use a cotton swab. Pour into the drain hole ½ cup of vinegar.  Then in 1 or 2 minutes you need to pour to pour all the water from the kettle (boiling water)  to the drain hole. And the last thing for you to do is to open the tap and watch the water  going at normal speed.

I really hope that these tips will help you to maintain the sewer pipes correctly.

Anastasia Hamilton, independent blogger gives pieces of advice about how to repair drains in Toronto and other cities of Canada.

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