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The Fourth Ward tour of homes is an annual event which is held in the historic Atlanta neighborhood of Old Fourth Ward, often abbreviated O4W. On September 13th the tour will allow the public to enter nine privately owned homes in order to admire their interiors and adopt fresh decorating ideas. The tour is open to anyone as long as they have a ticket which can be purchased for $25 on the day of the tour in the Historic Old Fourth Ward Park.


About the Neighborhood

What is known today as the Old Fourth Ward is a smaller version of the Fourth Ward political area in place until the 1950s when the city changed to a district system. Located in East Atlanta, the neighborhood stretches from Piedmont Ave. toward Downtown; is west of Poncey-Highland and Inman Park neighborhoods, and south of the Midtown neighborhood.


On May 21, 1917, the Great Atlanta Fire burned the area of Old Fourth Ward to the ground and since then smaller homes and apartments replaced large traditional housing.  This new housing has attracted more tenants than homeowners.


Being one of the city’s oldest areas, Old Fourth Ward has recently experienced an overwhelming revitalization thanks to the positive impact of projects made by the City of Atlanta. Over the last few years the area has emerged as one of the hippest neighborhoods in Atlanta.


“It’s an exciting neighborhood,” says John O’Callaghan, president and chief executive officer of the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership. “With all the new homes and retails, it’s become a vibrant area.”



The O4W is home to a lot of history; it is the birthplace of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and is also the primary home to the Morris Brown College, the first educational institution in Georgia for African-Americans. Another major attraction is the  Historic Old Fourth Ward Park which is a result of the community’s attempt to grow and evolve. The park opened in 2011 offering residents of the O4W 17 acres of greenspace.


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Housing in the Area


Old Fourth Ward’s real estate is known for its Victorian and Craftsman style homes built in the 1920’s after the Great Atlanta Fire. Because of the recent interest in the neighborhood, many landlords have invested in remodeling their houses creating a neighborhood which blends old and new; from renovated factory lofts in Ponce City Market, to traditional family homes.


These two homes participating in this year’s tour are fine examples that point out the diversity of the neighborhood; a ten year old, traditional, craftsman style house with interiors designed by Nandina Home & Design, and a modern structure, designed by architect Glen Donaldson, built out of steel shipping containers.


Image source: Fall in the 4th Ward

Image source: Fall in the 4th Ward

Something In It For Everyone

The Professionals


Home tours are an excellent way for professionals to showcase their work while at the same time they are given an opportunity to interact with potential clients. When asked what professionals gain from such events,  Nandina Home & Design said “Exposure. It is a great way to show off your design work, while also fostering a relationship with the neighborhood.”


People who come on the tour can truly understand the products and services available by each interior designer while viewing their work up close. Potential clients also have a clearer understanding of quality due to the fact that all five senses are involved in the experience. Offering people the chance to see and feel products and textures, is the best way for professionals to build their clientele.

The Participants


Participants who go on home tours have different needs to fulfil; they are either interested in buying property in the area or seek fresh home decor ideas and professional advice.


During such events normally private homes open their doors, which also allows visitors to see the potential of housing in the neighborhood. At the same time participants are educated about O4W history and gain a general feel for the area.


One of the benefits of attending a tour of homes is that participants are provided with immediate feedback which is the result of face-to-face interaction with the professionals.

The Local Community


Such events are beneficial to the entire local community too. All participants typically walk to get from one house to the next, on this self-guided tour, which means that the streets fill with people who have an interest in the area. This increases property values as the neighbor gets on the map.


Due to the fact that participants choose their own routes and plan their day as they please, they can freely stop at any of the local restaurants and stores, and, for at least one day, support the area’s economy.


Such events typically encourage locals to be involved as volunteers which unifies them and creates a sense of pride within the community.

Last but not least, all of the tour’s proceeds are used to fund and support local organizations and efforts such as beautification projects in the Old Fourth Ward Community.

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